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Interesting Facts About Muscles That You Should Know

If you are a sporty person or you love fitness, understanding all the factors that surround these conditions is mandatory. Apart from letting you know the right things to so, it is also a motivation. When

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Fun Ways to Get Exercise

Exercise is important for our health. Not only does it help you sleep better, it might even help you live longer. Plus, exercise can help you lose weight, thereby avoiding a lot of weight-related health

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Protein and Building Muscle

Many of us know the basic tenants of building muscle: work the muscle down some, stretch, follow it up with protein intake, and then give it a day or two to recover. Let’s take a look at the details

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What is the Best Exercise to Lose Weight?

Here’s a couple of my favorite weight loss workouts.    

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What Exercises Lift Your Buttocks

These lift your butt exercises really work. I’ve put together a bit of info from my personal research: First up here’s a great infographic on 7 exercises for instant butt lift. I tried them

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What Muscles do Push ups Work?

Pushups work your upper body. Specifically your chest, lats, shoulders, and triceps. It depends on which muscles you focus on and how strong they are. Generally you use the muscles that you are most comfortable

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