Super Delicious Low Carb Lunches

The best way I know to lose weight fast is low carb. Be sure you consult your doctor and nutritionist before starting any kind of diet including a low carb diet. There could be some potential harm this type of dieting can do.

But as far as recipes go you can find plenty of wonderful carbless meal ideas online. Today we'll focus on low carb lunch ideas. Low carb lunches are light and easy to make. The best part is not being sleepy. I did a little test at work and tried going 2 weeks without carbs (or very low carbs) for lunch and 2 weeks with a healthy dose of carbs during lunch. I was testing for how tired I was around 2pm (normally ate lunch between 12 and 1).

The result? about 75% less sleepy without the carbs for lunch. Almost a full 10 days of not being sleepy during the 2 week period of no carbs for lunch.  This might just be me but I would suggest you give it a go.

To help you with the experiment here are 3 of the best low carb lunch recipes:

I use to tear up some barbacoa when I lived in Mexico. This recipe reminds me of the same taste those back alley taco stands gave me on the streets of la ciudad de mexico.

This is a light salad packed with taste. I normally don't like the non meat (fish not considered here) salads but the salmon adds an awesome flavor here.

Eggs oh eggs I love you. Especially when you are wrapping up a wonderful low carb salad on the inside.