Your Heart in Winter: Tips for Heart Health

Heart is the most important part of the body. It pumps the blood through the vessels of circulatory system. If your heart is healthy, then your body is also healthy. In winter, due to the cold, there may be an extra pressure on heart, which leads to heart attack. In winter, the low temperature may narrow the blood vessels, which reduces the blood flow in body and heart has to put extra efforts to pumping the blood and oxygen in the body. The main work of the heart is to pump the blood and oxygen in body so the all organs will work properly. In winter, the chances of heart attacks also increased. To reduce the chances of heart attack, you must follow some below tips to keep your heart healthy.

Intake Healthy Foods: You must take the balance and healthy diet with lots of hot drinks and meals. It will keep your inner body warm so give extra energy to the body which needs in winter. You must drink hot water during the winter to reduces the chances of heart attack. Hot water, tea will feel warmer inside the body and you will feel safe. Specially you must take green and black tea, which contains good volume of plant chemicals which also have antioxidants effects.

Do Exercise Daily: You must to the exercise daily specially in winter. Exercise is the most important part of the human life. You must do exercise as it will keep your body warmer. Cold weather shrink your body muscles so you the exercise will help you to stretch the muscles. Cold in winter will absorb your body heat then your body parts may not work properly. So You must do the exercise, warmup and daily walk. It will keep your heart healthy and you will be free from any problem of heart.

Avoid Over Eating: You must not eat heavy foods, drinks as it put more pressure on heart to work. Heavy food is not good for the body specially in winter. You should eat in intervals. It will give energy to the body and not put any extra pressure on the heart. You should not drink lots of water in one go. Drink water throughout the day. Doctors also advice not to eat heavy diet to make your body and heart comfortable.

Eat Seasonal Diet: You must eat seasonal fruits and vegetables. It will give more energy to your body and heart. You must eat black grapes, pomegranate which are good healthy fruits for winter for your heart. You can either take the juice of pomegranate. You may also take almonds, cashew and other dry fruits as it will make your body warmer. Almonds are also responsible for maintain the cholesterol level of your body.

Time Outside The House: Try not to be outside the house without any work. If it’s very important to go outside then you have to be out of the house to avoid the cold. You must cover your head, hands, nose to prevent from the cold. You must wear the socks in legs as cold will attack first from legs. Heart patient must not spend too much time outside the home if there is an emergency to go. They must spend some time in the park to take some sunlight if there is proper sunlight out the house.

Flu shot: In cold, the flu chances are also at high risk as low temperature outside the house and litter warmer in house. You must not ignore the flu if you effected. You should take the medicines after prescribe from the doctor. Flu is very dangerous for heart patients. You must not take any medicines without seeing the doctor. You must be very careful with your health in winter otherwise you may effect with heart problems.

Blood Pressure Medicines: If you are a heart patient, you must follow your blood pressure medicines as it will help to maintain the blood pressure in the body and heart will not face any more effort to pump the blood in the body vessels. You must follow the prescription of your doctor if you are a heart patient or having high or low blood pressure. Blood pressure or hypertension is a serious problem for the heart. You must not forget to take your blood pressure medicines.

Don’t Skip Your Meals: You must not skip your meals in winter as you need the good amount of energy in winter. Eat something healthy if you feel hungry. You must not eat fried foods during the winter.  You also to remember to drink lots of water in intervals. It is important not wo skip your meals during winter. Also not to forget to take your medicines. Do remember, winter is the most crucial season for the heart patient or for your heart.

As you all know, heart is the most important part of the body and having most important work in your body. It pumps the blood and oxygen in your body so the other parts also works properly and you will not face any problem in your body. Oxygen and blood both are very important for the body and you can’t live without both of them. All other body parts life brain, kidney etc needs the blood and oxygen for work properly. So You must keep your heart healthy to live a long and healthy life. Heart only needs a little care as per the seasons. You do not have to do much more for your body.

You need to take only healthy foods which are easily available in the market. You need to do the daily work out or exercise so all of your body muscle will work properly. During the winter the muscle will strain due to the cold, so you have to do exercise or stretch so your muscle will work properly and heart will not take any extra efforts to pump the blood and oxygen throughtout the body. If you keep your heart healthy, your whole body will be healthy. Keep Healthy