Top 10 Symptoms and Signs of Hearing Loss

It’s all too common to experience hearing changes as you get older. The trick to catching a problem before it gets worse is paying attention to the signs of hearing loss.

The start of a hearing issue can be as subtle as other age-related problems. Grey hair, vision changes, wrinkles, these are all signs and symptoms of aging. They pop up without warning and the same can be said with hearing loss.

So what’re some of the early signs of hearing loss that you should look for? The sooner you address a concern with hearing loss the better.

Let’s dive into the 10 most common symptoms and signs of hearing loss.

1. Say “What?”

It’s a common knee jerk speech response after not being able to hear someone.

If you catch yourself saying “What?” when someone’s talking to you, more often than not, there’s a problem. Think about your hearing. If you can’t hear a faint conversation that is intended for you, odds are it’s not hearing loss.

Over time if saying “What?” is the bulk of your vocabulary, consider the possibility of hearing loss. This is a sign that you aren’t receiving sound signals that you need to process speech.

2. Volume of Electronics

Catch yourself maxing out the volume when others in the room say it’s too loud? The volume of your electronics in comparison to the standard other people expect is a good sign of hearing loss.

We all have different levels of hearing as is. Make sure you consider hearing loss could be an issue, or volume levels could be more of a preference than an issue.

3. Muffled Sounds and Speech

Catching clear speech and sounds in a crowded room can be difficult.

If you’re noticing that in otherwise quiet situations, this could be one of the hearing loss symptoms you should keep an eye on. Distinguishing speech between s and f, p and t, or sh and the can be a result of the muffled speech.

4. Tinnitus: Major Signs of Hearing Loss

Tinnitus is the perception of noise or ringing in the ears. This affects about 15 to 20 percent of people in the world, but is it a concern?

Ear ringing can be a sign of an underlying condition. Whether that’s hearing loss, an ear injury, or another physical issue, you need to pay attention to the frequency its happening.

medical issue like Tinnitus usually beings after experiencing damage to tiny hairs that exist in your inner ear.

5. Follow the Leader

Following conversation when you’re suffering from the beginning of hearing loss is impossible.

When two people are having a conversation in front of you, individuals with hearing loss might find a little lost themselves. This should be a frequent issue, not a daydream of sorts.

Take the time to process the conversations happening around you. Attention is an easier fix than another sign of hearing loss.

6. Lip Reading Instead of Listening

Catch yourself reading lips to better piece together conversation? Lip reading to aid in conversation can be a tell-tale sign of hearing loss.

You might be able to see these sounds, but hearing them is more important.

7. Plugged Ears

Cleaning our ears isn’t enough. There are a few scenarios where too much wax or fluid in your ears could hinder your hearing.

If your ears still feel plugged after confirmation by a doctor that your ears are clean, you should consider a hearing test. Plugged ears will provide a sense of muffled sounds and speech that we covered above.

It could result in a pressure building sensation that you need to keep an eye on.

8. Increased Fatigue

It’s becoming a little harder to recognize where your increased fatigue is coming from.

Straining to hear leads to mental and physical fatigue that’s hard to shake. Is a day full of conversation with family, co-workers, or friends leaving you exhausted? Consider the additional signs of hearing loss you may be experiencing.

Fatigue could play a huge role in discovering your hearing loss early.

9. Women and Children

Frequency hearing is one of the first things that goes with hearing loss. Higher frequency voices like women and children are likely the first voices you’ll notice are fading away.

Higher pitches and frequencies are difficult to process unlike the low booming voice of some males. These frequencies can be evident with ringtones, phone alerts, and other pitches.

10. Speech Over the Phone

Like television volume, phone conversations with a maxed out volume can show a sign of hearing loss. A phone call is designed to provide individuals with a private and n ecessary volume level, usually medium to medium-low.

Higher volume conversations can hurt your hearing even more. Much like listening to music at max volume, individuals should beware of their listening levels. This will help you avoid troubling issues like tinnitus.

Get Your Ears Help

The further the hearing loss process goes, the more likely you’ll be considering a trip to a quality hearing aid center.

Contact a health care professional before your hearing is gone. It can be troubling to cope with the loss of hearing and even embarrassing. The sooner you schedule a doctor’s appointment the better.

Take your chances with hearing aids, but most of all, take care of your hearing.

Improving Life All-Around

If you’re noticing signs of hearing loss, you need to act fast. Take into account these 10 signs and symptoms of hearing loss, but don’t let your health journey stop there.

There are plenty of ways to improve your quality of life. Reading our blogs can help provide you with a plethora of helpful information.

Take control of your hearing loss when you first notice an issue. Take the time to get better at cooking. Stay healthy by using proper hygiene techniques.

Continue reading for more information on how to improve your life and your hearing.