The Best Ways To Hide Your Marijuana Use From Others

The smell of cannabis and cannabis plants is one of the most potent and recognizable odors around. It is usually strong and unmistakable to most, if not all. Many people try to conceal it, despite most cannabis users saying they love it. This can be attributed to the fact that maybe cannabis is still illegal where they reside, or because they don’t want to attract unnecessary attention, bother others, or it could be a secret from their friends and family, for instance.

So before taking any steps for getting an Ohio medical card, you should consider how you will minimize the smell and control the potential stigma associated with the use of Marijuana.

But just how do you cover up that distinctive marijuana smell that anyone can recognize from a mile away? Below, we look further at the options available to potentially help this issue;

  • Only Use it Outside
  • Ventilate Constantly
  • Cover Your Marijuana With Plastic Boxes
  • Build A Sploof
  • Use A Smoke Filter
  • Room Deodorizers/Air Fresheners
  • Vapourize
  • Keep Clean
  • Scented Candles/Essential Oils/Incense
  • Use A One-Hitter/Pipe
  • Pack Lighter Bowls


Common Sense

Ultimately it is about awareness, being sensible, and using streetwise common sense to cover things up. One slip, and everyone knows. Before you even get to the next level of secrecy in terms of supportive accessories, you have to learn to master the basics, which should come naturally to you. Where you smoke is a personal choice, the outdoors is much better. The open and fresh air of a backyard or terrace will be much more beneficial for reducing the cannabis smell on you and your stuff than hiding away in your bedroom.

If outside is not an option for one reason or another, ventilation and personal hygiene become your two best friends. Keep as many windows and doors open as you can while you smoke and always shower, brush your teeth, wash your clothes and then freshen up with a clean outfit and some aftershave/perfume. Always carry a mint, spray, or chewing gum on you for a last-second top-up if you get busted out of the blue.

Vital Accessories

Once you have perfected the above ritual, you will be in a good place and should be able to trust yourself to repeat that processing time and time without overthinking about it. When the essential cover-ups come naturally to you, it’s time to think about what else you can use to your advantage. The Accessories and tools at your disposal will differ, but as a rough blueprint, you should always consider the weight of your bowls, the option of vapourising, and using a pipe or one-hitter during your cannabis use. These will all reduce the chances of getting found out as they minimize the smell and output from your smoke. Additionally, a smoke filter could come in handy, as could building a spoof and ensuring your stash is always covered, ideally with plastic. This will also prevent any pesticides from interfering with your products as well. Finally, load the smoking area with plug-in fresheners, scented candles, and anything you can find to distract passers-by or anyone living with you from the iconic cannabis smell about to hit them.