Mattress Cleaning Regimen Every Mom Must Follow for Her Baby’s Health & Well-Being

Considering the amount of time your baby sleeps on the mattress, it becomes mandatory for you to keep the mattress scrupulously clean. Between inevitable leaky diapers and dust mites, your baby’s mattress could become quite messy in just a few days. We know that babies are really susceptible to germs and harmful bacteria. It is best to keep cleaning the mattress at regular intervals so that the baby could be in good health. Cleaning a crib mattress is not rocket science and so it involves nothing complicated and could be done with minimal endeavor one afternoon.

You would be requiring certain things for cleaning the crib mattress perfectly. You would be needing a vacuum cleaner, a reputed mild laundry detergent with no harsh chemicals, a good quality scrubbing brush, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, lime juice, or vinegar and a spray bottle. Here is a complete cleaning regimen for new moms.

Vacuum Clean the Dirty Mattress

You must initiate the mattress cleaning process by vacuuming the crib mattress thoroughly. This would be eliminating a substantial amount of dirt and dust from the crib mattress before you could even initiate the scrubbing process.  You must vacuum carefully all along the edges of the mattress which is supposed to be the potential breeding grounds for bacteria, dust mites, and mold. You must also, vacuum clean both the sides of your child’s mattress.

Scrub Properly

Once a huge amount of loose dust particles have been removed due to thorough vacuuming, you must focus on scrubbing. In a big bucket or tub, you could consider mixing quarter cup detergent powder in few gallons of tepid warm water. The detergent must be of a reputed brand and preferably hypoallergenic. Start scrubbing the crib mattress with an appropriate scrubbing brush meant for fragile surfaces. Once the scrubbing has been done all over the mattress surfaces, you may get a bucket full of warm water and start rinsing the crib mattress thoroughly making sure that there are no traces of any detergent still left in the mattress. If you are a new mom, you may visit reliable sites such as to gather important information about sleep and health issues.

Rinse Well

You must rinse the baby’s mattress very well so that no leftover chemicals from the detergent could trigger some irritation or even sickness in the baby. So thorough rinsing is a must. Keep rinsing and then wringing the mattress again and again until all the detergent is washed away.


It is crucial to disinfect the baby’s mattress once it has been rinsed thoroughly. This process is vital to eliminate harmful bacteria and other disease-causing germs. You may use a spray bottle to lightly spray the rubbing alcohol over the mattress particularly, over stains. As alcohol would be evaporating quickly on its own, you do not need to rinse the mattress once it has been treated with rubbing alcohol.

Eliminate Odors & Stains

If you find some stains or odors even after the cleaning and disinfecting processes are done, you may need to put in some extra effort. Start by mixing vinegar or lime juice in equal parts of water in a spray bottle and effectively spray over the affected areas.


Remove excess water simply by pressing a towel into the mattress surface so that the dry towel could soak up a lot of the moisture. Keep the mattress out in the sun for drying for a number of days. You could place back the mattress in the crib once it is completely dry. Do not use even the slightly damp mattress as that could make the baby fall sick and it would attract mildew and mold.


It is best to follow a regular cleaning regimen so that the mattress promotes good health and your baby is left feeling comfortable and happy.