Is Vaping Without Nicotine Safe

Most medical experts generally agree that e-cigarettes are far safer than traditional cigarettes. However, most of the smokers who consider switching to vaping, as well as non-smokers who are attracted to vaping, are boggled by some questions. The biggest questions they have is: Is vaping without nicotine safe? Well, this article seeks to demystify this question.

The allegation

A sizable number of people claim that it is risky to vape with nicotine. Those opposed to vaping use the exaggerated risks of vaping as one the common reasons to explain why e-cigarettes are harmful and should be restricted. In fact, some countries/blocs have enacted laws limiting the nicotine content in vaping liquids. For instance, the EU prohibits the strongest e-liquid sold from containing more than 20mg/ml of nicotine, while Australia mandates that e-juice must be strictly nicotine-free.
The reality is that the dangers of nicotine are to a large extent imaginary; since nicotine in small doses is not harmful, the nicotine concentrations in e-liquids—even the stronger ones—that are found outside the EU cannot cause you any harm. Moreover, nicotine is itself not addictive, if separated from other chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Hence, the allegations around vaping with nicotine should be dismissed.

Why smoke e-cigs without nicotine?

If vaping with nicotine is not harmful, then why should people worry about the safety of nicotine-free vaping? The exclusion of nicotine in e-liquid undoubtedly does not make it more toxic, but some logical questions arise, the main one being: Why would you want to vape without nicotine? Many vapers use e-liquid with nicotine, while some use e-liquid devoid of nicotine. For smokers working on quitting smoking, it is advisable to vape with nicotine. This is because you may not derive the satisfaction you need from your e-cig without nicotine, and will most likely end up going back to smoking, which is unsafe. It is vital that you get high-quality e-cigs and vaping accessories from a reputable and trusted company, and you cannot go wrong with Epuffer, a global market leader who offers a first-class vaping experience.
Some ex-smokers who have switched to vaping may want to eliminate nicotine consumption, which is a good idea, but they need to do so gradually. They can keep reducing nicotine by using lesser nicotine-concentrated e-liquids until they can do so without it. An abrupt elimination of nicotine could make a former smoker relapse, as their body is used to nicotine. It would be better to continue using high-nicotine vaping liquids for longer time periods rather than smoking even for a month, as the nicotine level in e-cigs will not harm you. Also, to do away with nicotine, you could keep cutting your vaping down until you stop it absolutely, without abruptly stopping your nicotine usage.

The non-smokers’ issue

If you are a non-smoker but want to try vaping, you should go for vaping without nicotine. Since you do not use nicotine, your body is not used to it, so why would you use it? If you are tempted to start smoking, you should opt for vaping, as it is much safer, and diverting yourself from lit tobacco would be a healthy achievement. Non-smokers who may want to vape to increase their sex drive should know that vaping will not help them achieve such a goal.


Vaping without nicotine is safe, and the only problem that it may pose is for former smokers who stop using nicotine too fast. These ex-smokers will most likely go back to smoking, which is a big due to the health risks it poses.