Unique Canadian Dishes & Where to Try Them

Canada is a massive country: with that comes a huge selection of treats and foods that are difficult to find anywhere else. So whether you’re craving some fried bread or you want a tasty layered dessert: these are the most famous Canadian dishes and the best places to find them.


Everyone who’s heard of Canada has also heard of poutine.  As Canadian as maple syrup and hockey, poutine is a savory snack made by layering french fries, beef gravy, and cheese curds and then enjoying.

The best place to find this dish is in Quebec, but you can go almost anywhere in the country and find this treat easily available.


Although they take on this name because of the major company that serves and sells them: beavertails are an American treat that everyone loves.  With a base layer of fried pastry, you can layer on everything from Nutella to cream, fruit, chocolates, and anything else that delights you.

The large assortment of toppings you can put on it means that this is a great sweet for any family member, and the fact that it’s a restaurant chain means that you can find it in almost any area of Canada.


If you want to try a Canadian food that’s older than the country itself: try bannock.  This indigenous people’s treat is made of corn and nut, fried, and then sweetened with syrup and fruit.  The best place to try this is in Calgary, where several restaurants (many indigenous-owned and operated) offer this treat as either dessert or breakfast.

However, there are more than just sweet bannock; you can also find it savory.  A close American similar treat is fry bread that indigenous people from Oklahoma to Montana cook and serve.

Saskatoon Berry Pie

If you’ve never had saskatoon berries, you’re missing out!  These berries are sweet and taste almost like almonds or marzipan when baked.  In pies, they become a perfectly gooey and delicious treat that can make your mouth water just smelling it.

Although in America, the closest you can find is huckleberries, they’re not the same.  Seek these out in areas like Toronto, and enjoy it with a couple of scoops of ice cream.  It’s a fantastic way to end any meal.

Peameal Bacon

If you’re ever in Southern Ontario and want something crispy, savory, and delicious, you must try peameal bacon.  Sometimes called back bacon on a bun, this is wet-cured and unsmoked bacon made from trimmed pork loin rolled in cornmeal.

It gains a crispy and fun texture and is awesome on anything.  The cornmeal adds texture and flavor, while the fatty and soft bacon is soft like butter.

Nanaimo Bars

If you’re ever in Vancouver: it’s time to try a Nanaimo bar!  Made with incredible chocolate, honey graham crackers, nuts, butter, and custard: this is a dessert that’s worth looking into Vancouver homes for sale to live near.

The clear lines of the treatment make it visually striking, while the flavor pairs well with almost any coffee or tea.  This is a great dessert year-round and is one of the most recognizable Canadian desserts you can find.