5 Tips to Keep Your Elderly Parents Healthy and Safe


Older adults require extra care, sometimes as much assistance as young children, to keep them safe from health issues and mental conditions. Caregivers must ensure they take their regular medicines, stay happy, and engage in physical and mental activities. Be firm with maintaining medication schedules and be friendly and patient when they want to talk to you.

Energy-boosting treatments

The greatest curse of aging is losing strength and becoming dependent on others for daily activities. Luckily modern science has various solutions to maintain strength even as you age, and taking direct IV therapy is one of them. Energy-boosting and super immunity IV therapies help older adults combat various age-related diseases effectively. The drips get loaded with multiple vitamins and nutrients necessary for the body to get loads of energy.

Concierge MD LA provides elderly home doctor Tampa assistance to insert NAD+ IV drips for elderly patients, which helps in improving memory and cognitive activities. Drip Hydration, iV Bars of Tampa, and Replenish IV Solutions are other competitors offering IV drip in-home services to patients in Tampa. Older people feel rejuvenated after the IV drips enter the bloodstream directly and get instant energy.

Get regular check-ups

Seniors should get regular health check-ups at least once a year to discover any underlying hidden health condition. It is best to start treatment before the symptoms set in to avoid further complications at old age. If the doctors prescribe specific exercises, physiotherapy, or medications after the check-up spotting issues, make the senior person follow them strictly.

Often older people refuse to exercise because of tired, aching limbs and refuse to take medication because it makes them feel drowsy. Some people might refuse to accept injections, take tests, or go through minor surgical procedures because of fear. Explain why it is essential to get proper medical treatment and help them overcome their fear. If necessary, have them talk to a therapist who will insist on fulfilling the medical necessities.

Social activities

Encourage older adults to mingle with others in church gatherings, clubs, and family parties without keeping them isolated. Call them for family discussions, ask their opinions, and explain why you cannot follow their wishes if you cannot do something they say. Let your children regularly mingle with your parents to bridge the generation gap between them.

Indulge them in social activities like Bingo nights, elderly exercise classes, board game nights, and book clubs. Help them engage in their favorite activities as long as they can, like golfing, knitting, or singing. Conduct a family film night and watch the older person’s favorite film with all the family members and neighbors talking and chatting happily. Sign them up for a cooking class, or simple puzzle games, and memory games. A simple Netflix party can help them feel happy and keep chatting with their friends.

Stay active

Indulge the older adults in light sports and have them stretch their limbs for a short time every day. Older people who refuse to exercise regularly often lose the ability to walk in their last days, which creates lots of stress for both the caregiver and the older person. It is best to keep the muscles exercising and indulge in simple walking or gardening every day. Exercises help all the muscles get good blood flow and prevent the blood vessels from dying. 

Train them in water aerobics and elderly-friendly workout programs to exercise at home. Join the youngest member of the family and the oldest one to do the exercise, making them compete within themselves. Buy safe equipment designed for the elderly to exercise without getting themselves hurt. Teach them yoga using the home workout videos or sign them up in a nearby yoga center.

A visit down the memory lane

It is a misconception that older people hate driving or traveling as most of them refuse or do not ask for a vacation. Always make arrangements for traveling comfortably and take them to places they want to visit instead of modern tourist places. The college where they studied, the area their first office was, the church where they got married – there are many places they might want to revisit.

Maintain a good rapport with them and ask them where they want to go or if they wish to visit their friends, cousins, or relatives. Recreate a day for them with retro dresses and style from their time to enjoy a fun party and share stories. Dress them in contemporary style and take them to a fun party to experience current lifestyle trends.