5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Vape Juice

Besides the vaping pen or e-cigarette quality, it is the vaping juice that works as the key ingredient in defining the overall vaping experience. While picking up the right kind of vaping juice may not be that much of a task for someone used to vaping for quite some time, it certainly can be challenging to choose the best matches as per your preference if you are a first-timer and new to vaping.

Also known as e-liquid, e-juice, liquid nicotine, vaping juice itself is a billion-dollar industry in terms of market capital size, and stats like these are more than sufficient to reflect on the wide product ranges and countless manufacturers. And as a beginner to vaping or the e-cigarettes, choosing the best vaping juice to match your preferences can be daunting when planning to shop vape products. But then, it doesn’t always have to be this intimidating as with the right kind of information of the products and its features, you can always delight yourself with the best options that market has to offer and to help you with that, here are X things to consider before buying a vape juice when shopping for vape products.

1. Preferred Strength of Nicotine

One distinct advantage of using e-cigarettes is that you can regulate the quantity of nicotine that enters your body, which certainly cannot be quantified to ideal measures when it comes to tobacco smoking.

The number of nicotine levels that vaping juice carries can vary between 0 mg/ml to 36 mg/ml. If you are new to vaping and haven’t been involved in tobacco smoking, a 0mg/ml concentration of nicotine would work best. However, if that’s not the case, you can always choose the nicotine concentration in your vaping pen as per your preference.

If you have been a heavy smoker in the past, you can always start with a higher concentration range of 24mg/ml to 36 mg/ml and then switch to moderate range of 18 to 24 mg/ml,  which is often found in a variety of flavored nicotine consisting vaping juices. E-juice is also available in nicotine concentrations of 6 to 12 mg/ml range, which is considered ideal for users who don’t smoke as frequently or used to do it up to 3 cigarettes a day.

2. The Choice of Flavor

The flavor is one of the most sought-after features that the various vaping juice brands and manufacturers offer in their products. For someone new to vaping might get a little carried away as there’s each and every flavor that you can possibly imagine, and that essentially includes even some of the most unconventional ones within the list.

From the typical tobacco blending flavors that can resemble your favorite cigarette brands to others like chocolate, vanilla, menthol, or fruit flavors like mango, peaches, lime, orange, or the uncommon ones like cotton candy, cocktails or even pizza flavors, there are several uncountable varieties of flavors to choose from. You just name it, and you will find that flavor under one or the other trusted brand’s name, and that’s for sure!

3. The Preference of the Base – Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine

Vaping juice consists of either propylene glycol(PG), vegetable glycol (VG), or a mixture of both as to its base constituent. Each has its own set of distinct characteristics and features. e-juices with propylene glycol base offer flavor enhancement benefits along with stronger throat hits. However, they tend to stay weak in terms of viscosity of the smoke cloud. However, vegetable glycerine bodes way better when it comes to offering superior viscous benefits. It is the reason for dense vape clouds. A general 40 to 60 percent by volume mixture is usually preferred by various manufacturers to give a proper blend of strength (via throat hit) and get a denser vape cloud. Using propylene glycol as a base in vaping juice can sometimes create uneasiness in breathing and itching at the throat, so those allergic to this agent can prefer a better concentration of vegetable glycerine base for a better and comfort vaping experience.

4. The Kid of Throat Hit You Expect

The feeling that you get at the back of your throat with a cigarette drag is casually termed a throat hit. It is a feature that quite depends on the kind of constituents you want to include in your vaping juice.

The presence of nicotine and PG-base are two main factors that often determine the level of throat hit that you should expect from your e-cigarette drag – the higher the concentration of these two ingredients, the harder the throat hit will be. Besides, the level of throat hit can be modulated using flavors such as menthol upto a certain extent. However, if you want the throat hit to be the least, make sure your vape juice consists of a larger percentage of VG-base and lower concentrations of nicotine.

5. Quality and Safety

While e-cigarettes have gained significant popularity as a relatively safer alternative for tobacco smoking, the quality of the product concerns its users the most. The best suggestion in such a scenario would be to prefer a trusted brand or manufacturer and do your part of the research on assuring that the product you are planning to choose is made with high-end ingredients, with proper control over preservation and other similar techniques to maintain the integrity of the product when being used and prevent any kind of mishaps. If you have kids in the house, make sure your vape juice and, infact, the whole vaping kit are kept out of reach for children and offer child-proofing.

While the above factors do play their role in influencing the buying preference of any e-cigarette user, putting up a standard ‘one-size fits all’ doesn’t bode well here in this case. So it may take some time tuning into different products with varying flavors, nicotine levels, PG/VG base till you find out what works better for you. As an experienced user, you can experiment with new variations, brands, and flavor mix as long as they address quality and safety concerns.

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