5 Surprising Signs of Addiction You May Not Know

Addiction is a disease that affects people of all backgrounds. Anyone can experience problems with an addiction to drink or drugs. Often, you won’t notice the signs of addiction until it has taken hold of you.

Addiction can be very powerful. Often, the problem is too great for someone to try and fix it on their own. In these circumstances, they’ll need the assistance of loved ones, a rehab center, and a twelve-step addiction recovery program.

But how do you go about spotting addiction?

In this article, we’ll talk about the five surprising signs of addiction you may not know and what you can do if you’re faced with them.

1.  You’ve Grown a Tolerance For Drink or Drugs

Someone that has an addiction to any substance will grow a tolerance to it. This means that it will take a higher dose or drinking more to reach the desired effect.

Often, a person who is addicted to a substance can take quite a lot before it has any effect whatsoever.

If you notice that you have developed a tolerance for alcohol or prescription and recreational drugs, then you may have developed a dependency on them.

2.  You Get Cravings

If you get cravings for your drug or drink of choice, this is a clear sign that you have an addiction.

While it may be natural to fancy a drink from time-to-time, but if your cravings are so bad that you have to stop what you’re doing to drink or take drugs, then you are no longer in control.

3.  You Experience a Comedown When the Substance Wears Off

If you experience strange feelings after the effects of the drink or drugs wear off, then this is a sign of chemical dependency. These feelings may include sickness, depression, shakiness, confusion, or seizures. You may get headaches and nausea.

4.  You Neglect Your Responsibilities

If you have an addiction, it is not hard to start putting it above everything and everyone in your life. If you are neglecting your responsibilities in life, then it is a sign that your addiction has taken over. Address this by getting the help that you need.

5.  You Get Withdrawal Symptoms

When you’re not taking drugs or drinking, do you feel sick or on edge? There are many different side effects associated with withdrawal symptoms, but they are all signs that your body is physically dependant on the drink of drugs.

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, then it is clear that your addiction is powerful. You should get help in the first instance from a rehab center. Before you sign up, you need to know the requirements of an intensive outpatient program.

Rehab is only the first step in your recovery. From there, you’ll need to work on the causes of your dependency.

Getting Help With Your Addiction

If you are experiencing any of these addiction signs, then it is essential that you find the support that you need. Talk to friends and family and make sure that you find a program of recovery that works for you.

Battling addiction is tough, but it does work if you work it.

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