15 Keto Snack Ideas That Are Sure to Satisfy

Did you know that over 18.2 million American adults suffer from coronary heart disease?

A leading cause of these illnesses is an unhealthy diet. Nowadays, people opt to eat food with harmful ingredients because it gratifies their taste buds. But when looking for healthy meals, you might feel lost.

Don’t feel discouraged yet. With this guide, you’ll learn about Keto snack ideas. These are perfect if you want to start a healthier lifestyle. Read on and get some delicious but healthy meals:

1.  Meat Sticks and Jerky

These are the easiest keto snacks if you’re on the go. That’s why they’re at the top of this list. Their main selling points are convenience and the abundance of protein.

Picking the right products ensures that they’re low on carbs. That way, you feel satisfied longer while giving you enough energy to last the day. Grocery stores have choices with little to no carb options for their meat sticks and jerky.

If your local store has no keto-friendly options, you have online stores as an alternative. After all, the U.S. Census estimates that the value of eCommerce retail sales for the second quarter of 2020 is $200.7 billion. This means you’ll have no shortage of providers for healthy meat sticks.

2.  Pepperoni Slices

Are meat sticks and jerky too tough for your teeth? If so, pepperoni slices are the best alternative because of the same level of portability. All these without the chewing issues while sporting better nutrient content.

Most organic, uncured pepperoni slices offer 110 calories for a single serving. They’re easy to keep in your work bag since it’s ready regardless of your location. But once you open it, be sure to either consume it quickly or have a refrigerator nearby.

3.  Chicharrones (Pork Rinds)

Most people don’t realize most fried pork skins have little to no carb content. That’s why they’re different from other snacks located in the potato chip aisle. In most cases, a serving of chicharrones only has 80 calories with no carbs.

That’s why if you wish to satisfy your salt cravings, pork skins are a better choice than crunchy potato chips. But the quality of your snack plays a huge part in determining its quality. Avoid getting cheap ones since they’re likely from antibiotic-injected animals cooking using harmful oils.

Only opt for these snacks when you have no other choice. But if you want to improve your health in the long run, it pays to snack on high-tier foods.

4.  Keto Bars

Do you want a sweet treat? If so, Keto bars is one of the best keto snack ideas around. Its formula specifically caters to a keto diet, with fewer carbs compared to most diet bars in the market.

Some keto bars have grass-fed collagen to improve your skin health. If you’re one of the 34.2 million Americans who suffer from diabetes, get a keto bar formulated to prevent blood sugar spikes. The best part is that most keto bars taste like real dessert since its ingredients are natural.

5.  Flaxseed Crackers

You’re unlikely to have the luxury of making low-carb flaxseed crackers at home. But with healthy living on the rise, various brands now offer this snack. As with other snacks on this list, you’re likely to find them in the local supermarket.

Aside from flaxseed, some brands contain organic cheese mixes, chia seeds, and sesame seeds. That’s why they’re gluten-free and each serving only contains 3 grams of carbs.

They go well with meat, cheese, nut butter, and low carb vegetables. Depending on your schedule, eating it alone is often enough. If you’re worried about your food consumption, use the keto snack selector to optimize your meals.

6.  Olives

Pre-keto, olives aren’t as desirable as other snack options around. But for a low-carb diet, they’re handy if you’re craving for a fatty, salty snack. You can carry them around using either pouches or small plastic containers.

Depending on the olives, the right option packs a healthy dose of fats. It has 70% and above oleic acid. It’s the monounsaturated fat that made olive oil a healthy product.

7.  Raw Nuts and Seeds

Grabbing some high-fat macadamia nuts is the easiest task in the world. It’s especially when you’re hungry but in a rush. Because of their dry texture, tossing them into your snack bag is safe.

Nuts have lots of healthy fats and protein. Compared to unhealthy snacks, nuts and seeds are filling. To make the most out of the diet, choose ones with lower carb content, such as:

  • Pecans
  • Brazil nuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Walnuts

Combine these nuts to ensure you have a well-rounded snack. The same principle applies to seeds. It means low-carb ones like pumpkin and sunflower seeds are the best for a keto diet.

8.  Keto Nut Butter

Do you prefer your nuts and seeds to be spreadable? If so, a keto nut butter spread mixes macadamias, cashews, and coconut butter to enhance your bread. It’s one of the clean keto snack ideas to buy if you’re traveling or busy.

This spread has healthy fats and protein like its raw nut counterpart. That’s what makes them a fast and satisfying snack if you’re focusing on a keto diet.

9.  Seaweed and Kale Chips

Baked seaweed and kale chips are low-carb snack options akin to potato chips. But it allows you to stick with your ketosis goals even while on transit. These snacks have a better nutritional profile but retains its light, crunchy texture.

For example, some seaweed snacks contain 20 calories and a gram of carbs for each serving. Others get nutrient boosts, packed with vitamins A, B12 and C, iodine, calcium, and iron. This also holds with kale chips, making them a healthy source of micronutrients.

But the only drawback of kale is their higher carb content. That’s why if you want to make the most out of your low-carb diet, your first choice is seaweed.

10.  Coconut Chips

A keto diet isn’t complete without coconut oil. But if you want variety, crunchy coconut chips are perfect snacks. These shaved and toasted coconut meat pieces have this light, delicate sweetness despite having zero percent sugar content.

Each serving contains five grams of carbs, but its fat content makes up for it. The 15g of healthy fat helps a lot, especially when combined with your favorite nuts.

11.  Keto Chocolate Bark

You need not give up on chocolate when committing to a keto diet. All you need is to get a version without sugar. That’s where keto chocolate comes in.

Some chocolate brands are sugar-free while retaining a low carb content. The best part is it has milk and dark chocolate variants. You can also choose ones that use stevia instead of commercial sugar.

Take note, no matter what brand you choose, portion control is the key. If you aren’t mindful, you’ll lose ketosis. Sometimes, all it takes is doubling your serving.

12.  Keto Cups

Fat bombs are popular on keto diets since it’s a quick method of treating yourself. At the same time, you get more healthy fats. That way, you’re unlikely to get cheat days.

But they aren’t easy to make at home since it’s a tedious process. Its ingredients include cream cheese and other items requiring refrigeration. That means they aren’t as portable.

This recently changed since some brands sell ready-made fat bombs the size of Reese’s peanut butter cup. It only has 13g of fat and a gram of carbs for each serving. Most use the original flavor, but you can also get ones with MCT oil to boost your brain capabilities.

13.  Roasted Cacao Nibs

This is chocolate before manufacturers mix other ingredients like sugar and milk. When roasted, cacao nibs taste like normal chocolate but with a crunchy texture. It has minimal processing, meaning it retains its antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients.

Each cocoa nibs serving has two grams of carbs with zero percent sugar. This makes it a healthy snack instead of a guilty pleasure. With this, you have a weight-loss food that satisfies your sweet tooth.

14.  Keto Cakes

Most keto veterans use mug cakes as part of their weekly keto meal plans. But without ample time, a slice of this cake is enough. Depending on your chosen flavor, keto cakes have a two to four grams carb content.

With stevia and monk fruit as a substitute for white sugar, keto cakes have a gram per serving.

15.  Keto Cookies

Cookies are the epitome of grab-and-go snacks. It’s often frustrating how it’s off-limits if you’re on a keto diet. But with modern advancements, keto-friendly cookies are becoming the norm.

Each cookie has an average of 90 to 110 calories but with zero percent sugar and four to five grams of carbs. You also have GMO and gluten-free options for these cookies. Most are soft and easy to chew compared to regular cookies.

Get Keto Snack Ideas Today!

These are some keto snack ideas if you’re on the go. Use this list whenever you feel the need to add variety to your keto diet.

Did this list make your keto diet better? Do you want even more ways to improve your diet? If so, read our other posts and learn more keto-friendly tips and tricks.