Best resistance bands with handles

Best Resistance Bands with Handles – 2021 Review

If you have yet to venture into the world of resistance band training, you are missing out.

Resistance bands are a portable, effective, and inexpensive way to work out your entire body. With the right resistance band set, you do not need to drop a lot of money on expensive weights or a gym membership to get yourself into shape – all you need is a little extra time and space to enjoy effective resistance training.

If you wanted to, you could bring a resistance band to work and exercise during your breaks, or even get in a quick home workout while the kids are busy. There are no more excuses to miss out on your exercise regimen if you have some resistance bands!

There are a lot of different brands and types of resistance bands to choose from out there, so today we will be helping you out by going through some of the best resistance bands with handles.

While this type of resistance band is ideal for working the upper body muscle group, resistance bands with handles can certainly help you exercise and tone up your lower body as well. They are a very versatile muscle-building workout tool.

If you are interested in picking up some resistance bands with handles, keep reading for our review of some of the best products of 2021.

Best Overall Set of Resistance Bands with Handles

1. Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

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This Whatafit Resistance Bands Set has everything! You can attach the included set of handles to 5 different bands of varying tension levels, with each exercise band ranging from 10 to 50lbs of resistance. You can also stack and combine the bands to reach up to 150lbs of resistance, so this set is appropriate for beginners, professionals, and everyone in between.

This set also comes with more than just the resistance bands with handles. For lower body workouts, you get ankle straps that you can attach to the big resistance bands, as well as a set of five mini band loops. There is even a door anchor, which allows you to anchor your straps to a door so you can add even more variety to your workouts.

It comes with a carrying bag so you can have your bands with you on the go, but the big bands can be a little bulky for travel. Even so, they are still lightweight, durable, and versatile workout tools that can exercise your whole body for a decent price. Plus, you get the bonus of the mini bands, so if you do not have room to bring your resistance bands with handles while you travel, the minis will certainly work in a pinch!

Best Safety-Minded Set of Resistance Bands with Handles

2. SUPALAK Resistance Bands Set

SUPALAK Resistance Bands Set

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With the high level of tension and elasticity of a resistance band, some people are put off because they are worried it can snap and cause potentially serious injuries. If this is a concern of yours, then try the SUPALAK Resistance Bands Set. These bands are covered by heavy-duty nylon sleeves that act as an extra layer of protection over the resistance tube in case it does eventually snap due to normal wear and tear or during an especially vigorous workout.

This sleeve also helps protect the bands themselves, as they will be less likely to be exposed to elements that would cause them to break, like little nicks, body oils, and even UV exposure.

You also get a lot of pieces in this set, including the five resistance bands with tension levels ranging from 20 to 40lbs, four foam handles, two door anchors, two ankle straps, a carrying bag, and even a resistance band workout book.

Customers overall seem happy with this set according to the reviews. A few even go out of their way to mention that the company’s customer support is excellent, so if you do run into any problems, it is nice to know that the company stands by its product.

Best Individual Resistance Band with Handles

3. DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Band

DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Band

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Though you can get these in a set, if you are looking for just one resistance band for training you cannot go wrong with the DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Band. This band is about 5.5 feet long, which makes it longer than a lot of resistance bands out there, and it is adjustable. This is a feature that you do not usually find with these kinds of resistance bands.

The little balls you see hanging off each resistance band handle in the picture above can be used to adjust the length of the band and hold it in place. This means that you can change the length of the band so it can suit your individual needs, whether it is required to do certain exercises or just to adjust it for your height.

What is also nice about this loop band is that not only does it come with a money-back guarantee within the first 30 days, but it also includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is a limited warranty, mind you, but it should cover you from any defects in the material and quality of your band.

Best Figure 8 Resistance Band with Handles

4. Balego Figure 8 Resistance Band

Balego Figure 8 Resistance Band

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If you are looking for a smaller resistance band for upper and lower body workouts, then the 14-inch Balego Figure 8 Resistance Band should certainly suit your needs. This is great for resistance band exercises such as lunges, leg lifts, chest presses, and shoulder stretches.

If you are stuck sitting in the office all day and want to be able to discretely stretch while at your desk, then this small, lightweight band is easy to stuff in a drawer or bag and pull out when needed.

Some people seem to find the resistance a little tight, so you may want to try a lighter resistance level before moving up to the next tension level. This resistance band is not particularly expensive, so if you find that you need to move up or down a level sooner than you thought, at least you will not have to break the bank by purchasing multiple bands.

Resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training routine!