Best Physical Therapy Bands

The Best Physical Therapy Bands for Better Rehab and Better Workouts

Physical therapy bands, also known as resistance bands, are incredibly versatile and convenient workout and rehab equipment pieces. Not only are they portable enough to take with you anywhere, they can be used to get a great workout in even the most cramped spaces.

Whether your goal is strength training, physical therapy, or improving your stretching routines, resistance bands can help you achieve your goals.

However, with the rising popularity of resistance bands, it can be somewhat difficult knowing which bands to choose. While low-quality resistance bands lose tension over time, some of the most durable options come with unreasonably high price tags. This is where we can help!

To help you find the best options for physical therapy and strength training, we have listed some of the best resistance bands on the market today. While there are many options to choose from, we went out of our way to find resistance bands that find the perfect balance between performance, durability, and affordability.

What are Resistance Bands and What are They Used For?

 The basic concept behind a set of resistance bands is quite simple. Essentially, resistance bands are elasticized pieces of material that are intended to add resistance for exercise and therapy purposes. Resistance bands come in varying degrees of tension, which allows users to choose a level of resistance that works for their aims.

When stretched, the material provides resistance. The more you pull the bands apart, the more resistance you will encounter. While some will choose a looped exercise band, others prefer the versatility they get with tube-style bands.

In many cases, people will purchase a resistance band set, which will come with a variety of color-coded bands, each with a different resistance level. Many resistance band kits will also come with attachments, such as gripped hands, door anchors, and ankle attachments, which make the bands even more useful for stretching, strength training, and rehab.

Benefits of Resistance Bands:

 As mentioned above, resistance bands are cost-effective, especially when you compare them to the expensive price you would have to pay to purchase other types of home gym equipment. They are also travel-friendly and take up very little storage space inside your home.

Therapy bands also offer variety, as the same set of bands can be used for hundreds of different exercises. The tension the resistance bands offer can be used to make simple movements more challenging, or they can be used to leverage and offset your bodyweight to make certain exercises easier to perform.

All of this versatility explains why they are popular items with both physical therapists and strength training coaches.

The Best Physical Therapy Bands for Rehab and Strength Training

 Now that you understand some of the reasons why resistance bands are so popular, we can take a look at some of the best options out there to help with your fitness. These workout bands were selected because they work just as well for physical therapy routines as they do for strength training exercises.

1. TheraBand – Professional Resistance Bands Set

TheraBand - Professional Resistance Bands Set

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This set of physical therapy bands is perfect for those that are looking for a good set of resistance bands on a budget. For one low price, you get three non-latex resistance bands.

Each elastic band in the kit measures 5 feet in length and 4 inches in width, so they offer plenty of durabilities. The three bands are color-coded according to the amount of resistance they offer.

The simple design means they are much more compact than resistance bands that feature bulky handles and clips. The fact they are not made with latex is great news for those that suffer from a latex allergy or sensitivity.

While these stretch bands might not provide enough resistance for those that are planning to perform an intense strength training routine, they work exceptionally well for stretching and rehabbing injured muscles and joints. Whether you are looking to perform some light conditioning work or looking for bands you can use as part of your physical therapy routine, these lightweight and affordable resistance bands from TheraBand are an excellent option.

2. LEEKEY – Looped Resistance Band Set

LEEKEY - Looped Resistance Band Set

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For those that are looking for looped physical therapy bands, this affordable kit from LEEKEY is an excellent option. Each of the four bands is made from a durable and natural material. The bands can withstand a significant amount of force, so no matter what type of exercises you plan on using them for, they will last.

Each of the four bands is color-coded according to the amount of resistance it provides. While the red band starts at 15 to 35 lbs worth of resistance, the purple band offers up to 85 lbs of resistance!

Not only do you get four high-quality resistance bands, but you also get a convenient carrying bag and a workout guide, which highlights a variety of exercises you can perform using the bands. Overall, this is a great set of resistance bands for both strength training and physical therapy.

3. VRTX – Mesh Physical Therapy BandsVRTX - Mesh Physical Therapy Bands

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These bands were specifically designed to withstand tremendous amounts of force. Other resistance bands can begin to tear and split with heavy use. These highly resistant bands use VRTX’s unique ‘Intelli-Weave’ design, which combines a latex rubber fiber interior with an exterior wrap made from durable polyester fabric.

In one convenient kit, you get seven color-coded bands that offer varying degrees of resistance. For physical therapy and rehab routines, you get three bands that range in resistance from 2lbs of resistance up to 50 lbs. For those looking to build muscle and increase strength, the medium to extra-heavy bands range in resistance from 51 lbs to 200 lbs.

In addition to the seven unique resistance bands, you also get a carrying bag, as well as a door anchor, which allows you to add variety to your workout routines.

Final Words

 By choosing a high-quality set of resistance bands, you will be able to add variety and resistance to your home workouts, as well as improve the effectiveness of your home physical therapy efforts.

Given how many effective and enjoyable resistance band workouts are out there, you should do yourself a favor and invest in a set today!