5 Heart Healthy Diet Plans For Sustainable Weightloss and Management

Millions of people start a weight loss journey and those that struggle with their weight and yo-yo constantly. The best way to lose and maintain weight is by following a healthy diet plan you enjoy.

It’s one thing to lose weight and another to keep it off. If you want to maintain your weight rather than obtain it for a period of time, your eating habits must change. But, it does not have to be hard or unappetizing.

Check these diet plans to find out which best works for you.

1. Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is compared to eating foods similar to a hunter-gatherer would. Since the modern Western diet has additives and chemicals, notably in dairy, and processed foods it is linked to cancer. These foods can also affect the mind to crave it and continue to do so at the cost of weight gain.

You can still eat tasty meals and drop your pant size if you make meals using lean meat, whole foods, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Those who struggle with belly fat will see a difference as their waist trims.

2. Intermittent Fasting “Diet”

Intermittent fasting is not a true “diet.” It is a method focused on when you eat rather than what you consume. Whether you decrease your calories or keep it at maintenance level, many find they can eat foods they love and lose weight even without exercise. The minimum fast should be 16 hours, but there are various types too. Find what works for you.

Fasting works by allowing your body to use up energy sources and tap into stored fat. If you eat too frequently, your insulin levels will not drop. If you are having a tough time losing weight and follow a good diet and want to see results, try it.

3. Plant-Based Diet

You can also eat as a vegan or vegetarian to provide your body with nutrients, lose inches, and stay full. Most people who have trouble losing weight and have health conditions turn to plant-based eating to cleanse their bodies. This type of diet is one of the few ways to complete a jumpstart weight loss detox plan.

Many plant-based eaters enjoy starting their day with greens or a smoothie. Weight loss comes because the foods are packed with fiber as the center of your plate.

4. Weight Watchers (WW) Diet

Weight Watchers, now WW, has been around for decades as a diet plan for a good reason. Millions that use it find they do not have to exclude any particular food to lose weight. Instead, a point system is in place. You can reduce your size by eating foods within those points. You learn to add points based on the foods and drinks you eat.

5. Keto Diet 

This is a high-fat, low carb (ideally under 20g) diet that allows your body to move from carbs as its source of energy to fat. Most people shy away from fat, but fat does not make you fat, its overconsumption that does. There are many keto recipes available so you never feel like you’re missing out on any food and you stay full. The fats (coconut oil, animal lard) give you satiety and can help balance your hormones.

Starting a Healthy Diet Plan

When you are not over restricting yourself, your diet becomes bearable to do for a long time. The way you look and feel following a healthy diet plan may even cause your short-term diet to be a lifestyle change. Feel comfortable with your body for the long haul, not for a moment.

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