7 Activewear Brand for Workout & Athleisure Looks

Athleisure look has gained a lot of hype in 2020; this has happened because more and more people are accepting the possibility of wearing activewear clothes in their leisure time as well. Various brands have contributed immensely, towards the growth of this section of clothing & styling; various brands are coming up with athleisure clothes that are stylish, comfortable, chic, and great on functionality. We have compiled a list of 7 brands working in activewear space, that have set the standards really high with their thought and creativity. 

Alo Yoga

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You must have seen Instagram reels and feeds of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, flaunting yoga poses in Alo Yoga pants, tracks, etc. Yep! This brand is really famous amongst the celebrities. No wonders, this brand is one of the fastest growing brands in its sector. Some of the bestsellers of this brand are breezy tank tops, sports bras, airlift leggings, and pullovers. You will find many options for men too, with Alo Yoga. Try out this brand, because the products of this fitness outfit brand, are of top-notch quality and are super comfortable to carry. 


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Vuori is a name that stands for a perfect fit between looks and functionality! You will find a lot of influence of street style in the designs of this brand (you will definitely feel that you are walking on the streets of South California!). Keeping the designing part apart, this brand gets full marks even on functional aspect. If you have yet not tried out this brand, then you can start with joggers for women or athletic shorts for men; these are breathable, super soft and sweat-wick. You will really like your purchase!


Pic Credit: https://assets.vogue.com/photos/5e3ca03f18b0390009af95bc/master/w_2560%2Cc_limit/00001-Y-3-RTW-Fall-2020.jpg


Y-3 is a collaboration between Adidas Originals and Yohji Yamamoto (we know him as one of the legends of Japanese fashion industry). You can only imagine how strong a product would be, when it comes out of a collaboration between some of the best minds, of that sector; let us just say that Y-3 has set the bar very high, in terms of quality of product and the look of product. In fact, Y-3 brand is also known as ‘sportswear with style’. If you wish to check something really interesting by this athleisure brand, then check out the creation named ‘Qasa footwear silhouette’. 


Pic Credit: https://i1.t4s.cz/products/928917-010/nike-sportswear-down-fill-bomber-jacket-151748-928917-010.jpg

Adidas has its own loyal fanbase, that too across the globe! When you get Adidas, you neither complain about style nor functionality. The brand’s sneakers, sweatshirts, hoodies, running tights, etc, are something that every fitness freak wants. If you belong to the class of fitness freaks that like their workout wear to be technically correct to the tee, then you need not shop from any other brand, apart from Adidas; all the pieces by this brand are made with technical perfection!. Use Adidas discount coupons & offers & get price cut on sports wear brand.


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There can be no activewear brand list complete without mentioning Lululemon in the list; the brand has an image of being ‘original athleisure’ brands. You will find a huge range of activewear, for men and women, with this brand. Right from workout tank tops & tees to backpacks, you will get it all with the brand. The good thing about this huge range is that it comes with ‘good looking’ vibe! In fact, if you are looking for apparels and gears for outdoor activities like hiking, then also this brand will not disappoint you. Some of my favorites by this brand are Align leggings, scuba hoodie and Wunder Under leggings. 

UAS- Under Armour 

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This brand was launched in 1996 and in last 25 years this brand has seen huge success (well, the likes of Dwayne Johnson are associated with this brand, so you can only imagine the level of success we are talking about!) The brands rapidly increasing market share, especially in the USA, has left even the brand’s competitors awestruck. UAS is the premium range of activewear & athleisure by Under Armour; this range has been designed under Tim Coppens, a known Belgian designer. There is something for everyone with UAS (men, women and kids). You might find price of the products to be on the higher end, but then the money is totally worth spending. 

Outdoor Voices 

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There are many established and big brands present in the market, as far as athleisure sector is concerned. These brands have given a specific definition to what activewear & athleisure look and feel like. Having said that, we then also have brands like Outdoor Voices that is changeling the set-ways & pre-defined meaning of athleisure. Outdoor Voice is a like a breath of fresh air, amongst the crowd of hyper-athletic designs. This athleisure brand has a bubbly personality; it celebrates going out and doing something. The brand is all about being active in life.