How to Find Men’s Wedding Bands for Your Big Day

Are you are planning to get married? Be sure to choose a wedding band you really like because it is a once in a lifetime deal. You will love this piece of jewelry that many contemporary and fashion-conscious men love to flaunt on his big day. And why not! Men too can scout for the best wedding band, focusing on the style, make, color, and cut. Therefore, you must choose something that fits your personality, style, and a piece that you feel comfortable wearing. The best way is to pick one, try on yourself, and see whether it fits you or not. Before you saunter into a jewelry store, here are a few tips to choose the best wedding band for your D-day:

Metal Type

First things first, decide which metal type you would like to choose for your wedding day. Pick out something sturdy and durable if you want to wear it all the time after your marriage. The material should stand up to repeated use without any damage. A few precious bands include:

Platinum: Pick out the world’s most expensive metal as a wedding ring if you like something attractive, lustrous, and elite. Most platinum bands come in dazzling white and look beautiful on a man’s finger. If you do not find it too heavy, go for it.

Two-Tone Gold: You can choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or two-tone gold. It is wise to look for lower karat gold instead of a higher karat material if you want something durable. For a man’s wedding ring, a 14-karat is perfect.

Gold with Diamonds: Choose gold based diamond ring if you want to express your individuality. Pick out something that looks stunning on your finger, studded with sparkling diamonds, looks durable, and fits you properly.

Titanium: If you are the man who works out at the gym daily, choose a titanium ring because it is extremely hardy and durable. It will also feel comfortable on you because the material is lighter than platinum and gold. Titanium is also resistant to corrosion.

Tungsten: Pick out this metal if you want a wedding ring that is hard-wearing, lightweight, and easy on your wallet. Ensure that you choose a tungsten carbide alloy so that your wedding band is scratch resistant. You should opt for a matrix design that fits comfortably.

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Decide on Your Budget

Shopping for a wedding band feels romantic. However, you must set a budget because jewelry is expensive. Deciding how much money you can shell out before visiting a store will make the process easy, hassle-free, and without embarrassment. This way, you will not feel disappointed in loving a wedding ring that burns a hole in your pocket. Set aside three percent of the wedding budget for your wedding band. Shop together. Look for a piece of jewelry that complements your relationship and personalities.

Choose the Right Size

A ring that fits a man’s finger is the best one for his wedding day. Even if you think that you know the ring size, professional sizing is necessary. Confirm the ring sizing before you visit a jewelry store. Find the men’s wedding band that assures a lifetime sizing and comes with a warranty against any manufacturing flaws.

Buy Something that Matches Your Persona

You will wear the wedding band for many years. Therefore, look for a piece that matches your tastes, preferences, and personality. Men love to wear simple rings that look modest and ideal for all occasions in the future. Even a simple diamond on your wedding band can add zing to the jewelry without making it look gaudy. However, a single emerald or ruby adds a bit of class, style, and sophistication while keeping the piece perfect for daily use. Men who have strong personalities and who like to flaunt may choose something flashy and extravagant. You may pick a wedding band that comes with additional stones and filigree work. Therefore, squeeze some time out of your busy schedule and choose a ring that best matches your personality and style.

Most of the reputed outlets will size your wedding band free of cost. Therefore, it does not make sense to skip this process. Brides who want some fun and want to surprise their prince charming with the right ring size can borrow their fiance’s old ring and show it to the jeweler. When the size matches, your man will love you more for this little surprise.

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Choose a Ring that Works Together

Just as the groom and the bride, their jewelry must complement one another. The metal, color, style, cut, and choice of stones must feel harmonious and admiring. There might be some confusion here. You must not choose a wedding band that is simply the men’s version of your bride’s wedding ring. It will look obvious and ordinary. Both of you must look good together posing your rings, evoking an artistic accord. If you want to pick out the best design and deals, research on the internet and visit jewelry sites such as MensWeddingBands to pick from a plethora of options.

  • Look for Patterns

When it comes to men’s wedding bands, you can choose from a range of patterns. The matrix pattern, exotic inlays, and studded stone pattern are a few to mention. If you already have something in mind, talk with your jeweler to customize your wedding ring and incorporate your preferred design.


In the modern day, when men are well-groomed and enthusiastic about fashion, wedding bands have become part of a marriage ritual. Though men’s jewelry has not the caught the attention of many wedding and fashion magazines, it is essential to choose the right piece of jewelry. The above ideas and tips will make the selection process easy and hassle-free. You have too much work for your big day. Therefore, do not overstress yourself when you are out shopping for your wedding band. Focus on the tips and take some time out for shopping. You will find the best ring for your man that he will love to wear and treasure for the beautiful days ahead. Live happily ever after.