4 Ways You Can Get Healthier in the Coming Year

2021 is almost upon us, and some people may want to make a change. Maybe you had to spend much of 2020 indoors, and you couldn’t exercise as much as you did previously. Perhaps you put on a little weight, or you got into some not-so-healthy habits.

Don’t worry: you can always turn things around in the new year. That’s why New Year’s resolutions exist.

You probably don’t need to make any dramatic changes. You can do a few small things differently, and they should make a noticeable difference as we advance further into this young decade. Keep reading as we list a few changes you can make for a healthy, happy new year.

Change Your Snacking Habits

One thing you can do is to change up your snacking habits a bit. You can:

  • Get rid of unhealthy snack items around the house
  • Stock up on healthy items for when you’re feeling hungry between meals  

You can check out Yummy Bazaar’s online Asian grocery store to get some ideas, as they have several tasty yet healthy choices. You’re looking to get rid of candy and over-salted snacks.

Most people know that you want to avoid snack foods that are high in total and saturated fat. You also want to stay away from high-sodium food items, as they can lead to high blood pressure.

You can have items like dried fruit and nuts around. It’s best to have raw, unsalted nuts since they’re a great protein source, and they can tide you over till your next meal. As for dried fruit, it often has A and C vitamins, not to mention fiber, which will keep you regular. You’ll be glad of that the older you get.

You Can Stop Drinking Caffeine

Another thing you can do is to reduce caffeine in your diet, or you can get rid of it altogether. You might feel like you need caffeine to get through your days, but it does more harm than good. Caffeine:

  • Hurts your sleep cycle
  • Can give you high blood pressure

Caffeine’s a stimulant, and it’s also a more powerful drug than some people realize. Some individuals are absolute zombies without their morning coffee.

That’s not a good thing. If you get rid of caffeine, it’s more likely you won’t deal with insomnia anymore. You save the money you’d spend on coffee at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks every morning.

You might not be able to cut it out all at once, so you’ll need to ween yourself off it slowly. Even if you can’t get rid of it entirely, cutting down to one cup per day rather than five is significant progress.

Drink More Water

Many studies show that if you take a random adult cross-section and look at it, several of those individuals will have dehydration issues. That’s because they’re not drinking enough water, and they’re drinking coffee, soda, or other beverages instead.

Water fills you up but contains no calories, so it’s a good way to stave off hunger if you’re going for weight loss in 2021. If you stay hydrated, it also rejuvenates you. Your skin will look a lot better if you drink more water, and everyone wants that.

Eat Less Takeout and Delivery

2020 was the year where delivery ruled. Most people ordered from GrubHub, Doordash, and Uber Eats more frequently than they ever did before. It made sense since the pandemic endangered many local restaurants. If not for your patronage, your favorite spot might have shut down.

In 2021, as things gradually return to normal, you don’t need to support your local eateries quite as fervently as you did this year. What you did was admirable, but takeout or delivered food is seldom very healthy unless you frequent a vegan or vegetarian establishment.

If you cook more of what you eat, you know what goes into it. You can control the portion size more, and you can reduce preservatives and sodium if you cook using fresh ingredients.

You can also prepare meals on the weekend, have them in the fridge, and eat them for dinner during the week when you get home from work. That will save you the desire to order food as often, saving you money.

Gyms should reopen in late 2021 as well, so you can get back to your routine. If you don’t like the person you became in 2020, you should be able to resume healthier habits once local governments lift various restrictions.  


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