Best Thai Food Recipes

Some of the Best Thai Food recipes you can find online come from smaller bloggers. You might be tempted to just go to the big recipes sites to look for standard versions of theses wonderful dishes. Why not ask the authentic chefs who know the cuisine the best.

Below we have the five best thai food recipes online. You'll have to check out each thai food blogger's website as well and learn about them to appreciate their recipes.


Mark Weins has a great recipe here for Tom Kha Gai. You'll love this dish if you're a fan of coconut milk. This dish is like a stew or curry so you'll need to prepare some bread or rice to eat with it.


Check out this great Gaeng Daeng thai red curry recipe from jocooks. This thick and slightly spicy red curry dish can takes only 5 minutes of prep. Be sure to follow the tips in the Recipe Notes to get the best taste.


Green papaya salad is a refreshing yet spicy alternative to the heavier curry and rice dishes. These salads can either be with dried shrimp or salted crab.  Follow the steps from thaitable here.


Mark Weins really has the best thai dish recipes. We're going back to his site for this one too. There are tons of great strong tasting vegetables in this dish that is a signature thai soup. Learn how to make it here.


Who doesn't love fried rice. But Thai style, mmmm, the best. Rachel has one of the better recipes for Khao Pad that I've seen online. Check out her instructions here.