5 Ways to Avoid Injuries From Running  

We are sure you already know the facts about your body and what it is capable of. But sometimes doing new exercises can make you forget some of the basics you need when you get back into your old running routines. No need to worry, though. We have your back! We are here to remind you of a few of the basics, that way you aren’t accidentally hurting yourself, and causing injuries that will hinder you from taking care of your body in the long run. 

1.  Stretch Properly

Ok, we know this one sounds so basic that you are probably rolling your eyes at us, but this is one that people tend to forget or forgo, and that is a big no no! Some people think, “oh I’m fine, I don’t need to stretch this time, I’m warm from walking around.” NO! you must properly prepare your body before subjecting it to exercise. If you need a new stretch routine or something specific for runners, it is easy to find stretch guides on YouTube to stretch whatever part of your body needs it most. Don’t forget, you should be stretching before and after your run, if you want to make sure your body is properly prepared and for it to heal as it should.

2.  New insoles 

When you are asking yourself, “What insoles are good for running?” you are most likely overcome with stress and anxiety about finding the perfect fit. Well, look no further because Protauls has you covered. They will educate you on alignment, support, and comfort, and by taking a simple online quiz, they will help you to find the insole that is perfect for you. Their insoles have many different benefits that will help you to stay healthy during your runs. They can help to reduce peak impact force, aid in correcting anatomical misalignment, cut down on heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, and they can even help to reduce the likelihood of musculoskeletal injury (all while being super affordable). We can’t think of any reason NOT to get insoles.

3.  Stay Hydrated

You have the bottles to wear on your hips or back while you run, but hydration doesn’t stop there. It is vital for your health to hydrate before and after your run, too. It will help you to energize your cells, regulate your body temperature, and add cushioning to your joints. It can also help you to recover faster, minimize cramping, and ultimately maximizes performance. Don’t settle for single-use plastic bottles to get the job done, though. S’well has bottles that you can take anywhere to make sure you stay on track with your hydration. This way, you are taking care of your body, and the planet at the same time.

4.  Get Rest

We know that it may be hard to get the proper sleep right now due to lack of a defined schedule, a change of pace (or maybe you just took too long of a nap and aren’t able to sleep at night now) but rest is so important to your growth and recovery process. And since it is, we think it is time for a new pillow. Layla Sleep has a couple options to help you get a great night’s sleep! You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, at least make it comfy!

 5.   Eat Properly

It has been quite a few months since things seem to have changed so drastically, so it is about time to cut out the junk and processed food and reset your body. When starting on a new food journey, it is so important to read all about what it consists of, that way you know what your body needs to grow stronger and more prepared for the taxing nature running and working out has on you. If you don’t have the time it takes to properly jump into a new food lifestyle, why not let the pros at Ketoned take care of everything for you. They will send you meals that fit into your new eating choice. It is food that will nourish your body and keep you on track to your health and wellness goals.


We are so proud of you for getting out there and working on taking care of yourself! With these few tips, you can do it properly and it will give you the knowledge to keep you focused and prepared to change your life.