You bastard.

…That is what I call this thing. This…thing…that has kind of taken over my life in a way:

Aaaah, the hard-boiled egg.

Let’s be honest here. I love to eat. So much. It makes me happy in a way I don’t think many will understand, and the experience of dining out provides me with endless pleasure but….

I have to wear swimsuits. A lot. No, I don’t “have to”, but I do, for now, and it’s great…when you are proud of your body. When you’re not, you want to crawl in a ball underneath those hot lights and hide every stretch mark and every little roll that happens when they ask you to sit…in a swimsuit. It has happened to me more times than I care to share.

My point is, I’m finally proud lately, and I’m mostly proud because I have done this “diet” in a healthy way. I have, FOR YEARS, skipped breakfast and poked at meals and raped the refrigerator late at night in a hungry rage….but I’m happy to say that I finally get what people say when they say, “you have to, have to, eat”. Seems too simple right? But in a crazy model’s mind, you really think you have to be hungry a lot. But you don’t. And I finally have proof of that on the scale and in my (finally happy) mind.

Granted, I really don’t think most models think about food with the love that I do….I don’t think it’s a huge deal for a lot of them to choose the salad when given the choice between that and a sausage pizza or something. But for me, it kinda is. Eating salad makes me feel like herbivore zoo animal.

Anyhow what the hell am I talking about even? I forget. The point of this post was to answer someone’s question about what to eat for breakfast while dieting. Eat a hard-boiled egg. Why didn’t someone shut me up sooner? I need therapy.