I don’t know what to say.

Last post was July 13th. Now, this blog has been randomly deserted a few times, for…at the most….a couple weeks. But this is unacceptable! To be honest, I’ve come here sooooo many times, with every intention of posting what I’ve been making or just plain telling you what I’ve been up to. But I wouldn’t have the right photos, or just realized I was posting just to post. Rushed, hurried, thrown together. I don’t want it to be like that…

Anyhow. I’m here. And I am so, so happy. I read the comments and see that a lot of you resorted to going back into the archives to read some of the earlier posts. Very cool, seriously.

My dream for this blog is to just have it be something you guys enjoy, and something I enjoy doing. I never want ads, don’t want to get paid to push products. I want this to be a cool little community where we can all talk about what we love, share stories, and ideas. And thank you for sticking with this. I know it is SO poorly organized — mostly just links to other recipes, no tags, no sections. As someone who is such a blog snob, I can’t believe I run with this. But I am glad you’re here and I promise, promise it will get better!

So, man….since July, a lot has been happening. I landed my first big TV job, hosting Model Employee on VH1. 8 models competing to be the face / spokesmodel for Mandalay Bay in Vegas. I suppose I am like the Tyra, if Tyra wasn’t a judge? Anyhow it was a freaking awesome experience. I think I got the news 2 or 3 days before I had to pick up and move to Las Vegas. John was taping the finale of Duets (a season finale that turned into the series finale, god dammit), and I got a phone call from my wonderful agent, Sharon. I ran into the makeup room, genuinely shocked. I think Kelly Clarkson looked at me like I was some kind of workplace shooter, about to lose my shit. I said, “I got it!! I got it. I got it.” and fell into ugly tear face mode.

I know it seems stupid to cry over that but I dunno, your first job, your first realization that you can move on from being a silent mannequin, that people like you and want you and gasp, want you to speak. That was pretty cool. Most of this industry is being told no. No because of the tone of your voice, the shape of your body. No because you don’t know the right people, have the right experience. You don’t go to school because you have your body and face to depend on for a bit, then you use that up and realize you probably should have gone to school. You just wait around for someone to take a chance on you. So it’s really cool when someone does. I am very lucky.

We had our wrap party for Model Employee at Mandalay Beach. John came, to both celebrate and drive me, the doggies, and my boxes home to Los Angeles, in the morning. “You deserve to party! I’ll come and take care of you in the AM!”. Here’s a fun fact about John. If you have a special night of any sort, JOHN WILL GET HAMMERED BEYOND BELIEF.


He will take your drink and raise you 5 of them. My birthday? I went to the bathroom, after jokingly requesting that John please not be at Jessica Alba’s table telling her how much I love her when I got back. I leave the bathroom? Oh. Where’s John? High fiving up a storm with Jessica Alba, and later giving me a birthday shout out from the DJ booth, saying “my girlfriend wants to bone Jessica Albaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!”. At the wrap party, let’s just say I had to drive 4.5 hours with 2 bulldogs on my lap with John slouched dead in the passengers seat. Now, this does not at all happen at John’s big life events. Just yours. It’s very odd.


We (I) drove right into LA from Vegas, dropped off my boxes and the pups, and went to LAX to pick up my parents for my sister’s wedding. She had a small wedding in Laguna Beach at the Montage resort…….and it was just amazing.



And I’m sure you all feel like you know my parents if you follow my twitter feed. They are awesome.


We stayed in LA for a couple weeks, then I brought them to NYC because I needed to start cooking school. That’s right. I am in cooking school.


The first week of school happened to be New York Fashion Week. So I’d butcher chickens by day, go straight to the salon and get ready to giggle and smile and nod at questions about people I know nothing about. It’s interesting.


And then…I went to Kuwait for a USO tour with my dear Brooklyn. It was eye-opening, life changing, wonderful, sad, amazing. An experience I am lucky to have had.


Came back yesterday, now celebrating my anniversary here at the Glenmere Mansion in Chester, NY. Absolutely gorgeous. Excited to be even in the vicinity of home. Which, by the way, will only be my home for a few more weeks. Soon we will be moving into a hotel (NO KITCHEN??) and waiting to move into our new apartment. Just typing it exhausts me. Oh, and it’s our 6 year anniversary. He still amazes me, loves me, frustrates me as much as he did years ago.


So coming up? More school. Every day.

Wedding planning. Swimsuit shoots (fuck, seriously??) and fingers crossed on a few more shows. More blogging, of course. I want to share what I am doing in school. Although, school mostly consists of technical things. Chopping, terms, basics — we aren’t too focused on recipes yet. For now, all the recipes I’ll be posting will be from the past few months. Simple and delicious, as usual. I will try to post as many photos from school as possible but don’t be mad that there aren’t any recipes. Eek!

My goal is to do a daily post of what I did in class, and the best thing I learned all day. Is that okay? Ah I hope it is.

All I know is that it’s nice to be home. I missed you guys. I really did.