Well shit!

I’ve been caught.

I’ve been called out by nummmmerous people during this morning’s live-tweeting of my online shopping. Apparently if I am online, tweeting about shopping, I should have enough time to blog. NO EXCUSES. And I HAVVVVE been busy. But dammit. They’re right. No excuses. Plus I’ve missed you!

It’s a gorgeous Saturday morning here in New York. I am in bed listening to the gentle (not gentle) snores of 2 bulldogs, trying to differentiate between brownish stains on my comforter. “Butt, nose, or mouth?”, I ask, as I point to one of about 25.

They never reply.

Why am i inside on this beautiful day? Cramps. Trust me. No one out there is safe when I’m in this state. I’m doing everyone a favor here. And I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I am literally polishing off all of the glasses of old, warm champagne, left by my wonderful lady friends at my mini dinner party last night. Never been much a a germaphobe. Or my love for alcohol surpasses my disdain for germs. Either way. Don’t care.

Anyhow, periods and chocolate go together like blood and cocoa beans! I’m a delightful transitioner, right?


I present: the samoa girl scout cookie cupcake. Chocolate cupcake, caramel frosting and coconut — topped off with a samoa bite of partially hydrogenated loveliness.

I take absolutely zero credit for this, as it’s another creation of Kris over at Young, Married, Chic.

And you know what? It is shockingly easy, and you can even use your favorite boxed chocolate cake mix for the cupcake. The hardest part is finding the damned girl scouts. And it’s probably not good to have “where can I find girl scouts” in your google search history. Lucky for me, Kris placed an order to her dealer months ago. She met her in a dark alley in Jersey, handed over a briefcase, did a quick handshake and it was done. You might have a harder time. Unless you work in an office. I’m sure those little monsters make poor, hungry employees their bitches there. How can you turn down cookies when there is a kid, at your desk, and they are like…3 DOLLARS? Plus you work with the kid’s mom or dad. What a horrible, perfect situation for these little cookie pushers. I feel for you.

I did make one slight alteration, only because I was already at Sur La Table getting a new cupcake pan (I only have the 6-trays for GIANT cupcakes)…


Kris couldn’t have made it easier, using just a mix of vanilla frosting and caramel sauce. But I saw this and had to go for it. Was sooooo good. Used the entire jar. I love me a no-fail recipe.

As for cupcake decoration, I was lost. I am NO baker. I texted Kris and we decided to keep it simple with just some coconut and a cookie, whereas hers were decorated with caramel and chocolate sauce. Hers. Were. Gorgeous.

I baked a batch for a party, at my agency. I actually let the cupcakes cool while I was at a meeting there, then came home to quickly frost and pack up (in white pants), and brought them back to a bustling rooftop party, where I was informed I had chocolate sauce all over my enormous freak forehead.


Keep in mind that just going to these things can always be nerve-racking (ps I had to google that spelling), as you want to look great and charm the pants off of people, while maintaining class and representing the agency you love with grace and style.

I was close.

…other cupcakes were brought in, for a birthday within the office….


Ahem. Mine were on the first plate.

Jesus what else do you want me to say just make them already, I have other shit to post about stop bothering me!!!