Ugh, alcohol.

I have such a love/hate relationship with alcohol. I love a glass or 4 of cabernet before bed (white makes me nauseous, literally), and I absolutely have to have wine as I cook…or a vodka lemonade if it’s a lunch meal I’m making. Yikes this is really sounding like I have a problem…ummmmm anyhowwwww…I’m pretty hungover today from a lethal mix of red wine and vodka and champagne. Bad move.

I cannot have champagne. One glass and I have a headache for hours, and always end up tossing my cookies in the morning, which is a shame since I actually do like the taste of champagne while I completely hate the taste of everything else.

This might be coming from the completely wrong person, but I think I have some alcohol tips for you…

*margaritas are JUST TERRIBLE for you. They are so fun, I know, trust me I know, but wow. They are loaded with sugar. I’ve tried Bethanny’s Skinnygirl stuff and it’s good, but just has agave rather than the bad-for-you sour margarita mix. Which is fine but it’s still sugar. Anyhoo, if I’m in the tequila mood (usually when I have to switch into schmoozy party mode) then I ask for a glass of patron on the rocks with soda and a lottttt of lime juice and a tiny splash of triple sec. Tiny.

*fact: most fashion industry people that are watching their weight (so everyone) drink vodka/club soda splash of lime. Even lighter. Get Goose. Potato vodkas are a no no. This is my drink of choice lately. Kind of tastes like ass, and trust me, I can’t wait for swimsuit modeling season to go away. I miss the cold Christmas shopping days where I fill a to-go cup with coffee halfway and pour Bailey’s in the rest. Then I hit the city, shop, and completely forget what I ended up buying anyone until I get the thank you cards. It’s fun.

Where have I gone with this? I have no idea. I think I just wanted to write because I’ve been bedridden all day. Please don’t take this as me preaching diet shit to you guys. Definitely not me! It’s just that a lot of people ask me about this kind of stuff…

Oh I remember what this post was about. Why do I always go so far off topic? I do not know. Anyhow, cherry season is almost over so hurry up and make a little twist on the cherry mojito shown above…even though a cherry mojito is a twist already I suppose…and I thought most mojitos were rum….I don’t know, ok? Shut up and let me talk stop asking questions!

Muddle 5 or 6 cherries lime juice and mix with vodka and sparkling water. Pick your proportions. Naturally, I suggest more vodka than anything….

Happy drinking!