Texas Country Potato Salad

Texas Country Potato Salad sounds weird together. Am I wrong here? I don’t like saying Texas Country. You are Texas State, don’t try to get out of being associated with us! Or is it “Texas *PAUSE* Country Potato Salad? Anyhow. Do I love the name? No. Do I LOVE THIS POTATO SALAD??? YES. DO I WANT TO MAKE THIS FOR EVERY SUMMERTIME BBQ I HAVE IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS?? YES. AM I OVERLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS? NO BITCH! IT IS THAT GOOD!


What’s that? You wanted me to get more specific? Well okay bossy pants. See this photo? Those are little red potatoes. And those little red potatoes are swimming in a jacuzzi of seasoned water and BACON GREASE. You boil. These potatoes. In bacon grease.

I rest my case.

I LOVE potato salad. Although I must say, it’s kind of a forgotten food for me. I never think about it. I never say to myself, “Man, this dinner is good but it would be complete with…..potato salad.”

But I think I’m gonna start saying that now. My old thoughts of potato salad were that of the ones from fast food places. Perfectly diced potatoes. Plain, slightly watery sauce. This is ohhhh so different. Rustic. Rugged. Flavor country.

Bacon, eggs, red potatoes, green onion, mayo…….wait a minute. Yes okay it’s basically those deviled eggs having sex times with potatoes but hey, that’s a porn I would watch (celebrity sex tapes are always such snoozers) (yes I’ve watched and I know you do too) (leaked pictures too) (blake lively is really pretty) (okay this is getting creepy)





Smooth and creamy with pops of bacon and green onion. Just to die for. My low-carb diet arch nemesis, ladies and gentleman I present to you…

Paula Deen’s Texas Country Potato Salad