petting zoo takes Chicago

Puddy looks like a giant, no? Terminator? Still sitting so, so oddly. I love it. Also will this thing ever grow some knees? Swoon. You can barely tell she’s the devil.


Not feeling well….

But just bought enough groceries for an exciting week of cooking! Mainly, the Italian-themed night I am hosting for Jersey Shore premiere on Thursday. Totally gross, I know. But it is a GREAT excuse to have friends drunkenly ranting about JS and eating some delicious […]


dead legs

those back legs kill me. and yes, that’s pee.



Being evil makes me tired too, Pippsqueak.


morning bathtime!

No, not mine, pervos. She is the freaking best. Except when she is the fucking worst. I now understand how people say you can love something without liking it all the time. Good morning!