Stuffed Bell Peppers


I made this ages ago and since then, the photos have completely gotten lost in my iPhoto. So thanks to a loyal twitter following of people begging for this recipe, I took the time to actually sort these babies out.

Definitely not my recipe, but DEFINITELY the best stuffed bell peppers I’ve ever tasted, and I truly had a great time making them. The house smelled sooooooo good during the entire process and I was happy to have John be so pleased with such an easy meal. One of my favorite things I’ve ever made…





YUMMMMM, right?? Pretty proud of myself for that one. Paired it with some super hot salsa I never ended up using, and just a romaine leaf salad with fresh corn, sweet cherry tomatoes and some store bought cilantro-chipotle dressing. Ay papi!

Paula Deen’s Stuffed Red Peppers recipe:

The recipe is perfection, but I did cut the amount of rice in half, just to make myself feel a little better while enjoying this. Actually I probably cut more than half out, and I still clearly found it highly enjoyable. And DON’T cut out any of the cheese. If anything, add more. It makes it so ooey gooey delicious.