Stop the presses.

Holy moly, this looks delicious:

…and the name makes it sound even better: Spaghetti Con Proscuitto, Funghi e Asparagi…with cream.


But alas. I have a confession. For the past few weeks I have been a dirty sneak. I hate myself for it, but I have gone low-carb for the summer. Just saying it makes me cringe, but I’ve found it to be necessary with a rather large swimsuit shoot coming up in August. The first few days of the diet pretty much made me want to rip off the faces of those around me. Except this face…look at this thing! How could I ever rip that off? The only reason I would rip his face off is if he died and I had to get a new dog who I would pretend is still Puddy by making a mask.


I’ve heard stories about 7 year intervals in between distinct body changes. The first time I realized I was becoming womanly was around 18….and now I’ve found myself at 25, and the weight just ain’t sittin the sexy way it used to. Although I personally am happier with some love curves, the business I’m in isn’t usually too ecstatic about it so for now, I try to meet them in the middle. And it sucks.

Anyhoo. Make this for me. And don’t eat it seductively. Eat it like a rabid monster, like it’s your last meal and some bitch is gonna rip it from your hands. “My cold, dead hands.”, you say creepily.

Recipe here:ย http://orangethyme.blogspot.com/2011/06/spaghetti-con-prosciutto-funghi-e.html