South City Kitchen

So let me start off by saying this won’t be a full-on review. Because quite honestly, it can’t be. What kind of integrity would I uphold as a serious, unpaid, lowly wordpress journalist if I allowed myself to post reviews of a restaurant where I was more than drunk at?

So here you go. I asked my twitter followers for a great restaurant in midtown Atlanta and this won by  long shot. So here’s some terrible cellphone, grainy pictures paired with some brief, equally unappealing captions. Why are you even still reading this? God you are patient and kind. But I will tell you this — it was delicious. You done did good, twitter. You done did good.

The menu. It was a little tough but the natural ink paired with the recycled, environment-friendly paper made it flavorful and delicious.


Vodka lemonade with Thyme sprigs. Now, vodka lemonade is already one of my most favorite drinks, but lemonade can be pretty sugary and it makes me feel a little guilty…guiltier than a vodka-soda, at least. But this was too good to pass up, and the thyme definitely SPICED it up. BAHAHAHA GET IT! THYME IS A SPICE! Or is it an herb? Is an herb a spice? Who cares let’s move on.


Cornbread. Biscuits. Butter. My love for butter goes back to my childhood days, when I would sneak down and literally get a stick of salted butter out of the fridge and bite the corner. Really. I did this. I was a classy child and that is what classy children do.


Fried Tennessee Catfish with zucchini slaw and red chili mayo. This was one of my favorite things of the night. The mayo was crucial and added such an extra kick that I forgot I was incoherently drunk. The catfish was breaded in cornmeal and the crunch was ohhhh so good.


Hot Ham and Cheese with pimento cheese and pickles. Not my favorite. Bread was a little soggy, something cringeworthy for a person who has such a love for super toasty grilled cheese sandwiches. But the flavor was definitely there. Needed that crispy edge, though.


Pork BBQ on a scallion-grits hoecake. Heh. Hoecake. One of John’s favorites of the night. I made the mistake of trying it without the hoecake so it was kinda so-so to me. According to the boys, the hoecake made it life changing. So yeah. Never refuse a hoe.


Maryland Crab Cake. I loved this. It was perfect. That is all.


The “Boo-Yah-Baze”. Of course a play off Bouillabaisse, which is basically a seafood soup with veggies and herbs. This particular one had shrimp, crawfish, catfish, fingerlings, okra, and sweet corn in a saffron tomato broth. To sum it up, it almost made me regret my decision of ordering fried chicken, as John ordered this dish. Anything that even comes CLOSE to making me doubt ordering fried chicken is amazing.


And here she is. My most favorite food in the world. Fried chicken. Look at that skin!! Here’s what I look for in piece of fried chicken: it is crucial to me that the skin be uber-crispy and salty-flavorful while still being a part of the chicken. None of that crazy crust or breading that takes on a completely different form. I don’t want the skin to be some sort of shell around the meat. I want them to be one. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. South City Kitchen did this perfectly.

So there you have it. In Atlanta? Definitely recommend this place. Let me know below if you’ve been and if you loved it as much as our drunken selves.

South City Kitchen

1144 Crescent Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA -(404) 873-7358