Sometimes the best things in life….aren’t in Whole Foods.

Such a shame that Whole Food$, while being so beautiful and up it’s own ass at all times, doesn’t carry things that I get extreme cravings for.

Example: These somewhat-new hockey-puck-sized  ice cream Reese’s Peanut Cups.


Anyone had these? If they are anything like the deliciousness that is the Snickers ice cream bar, I give up on life. Looks like I gotta go to Key Foods for them or something. God, that place is terrifying. Remember in old TV shows you would see a grocery store scene and soup was literally labeled SOUP or milk was labeled MILK? I swear this place has shit like that…I mean if you bring your chisel to break through the dirt that is on said products. *shudder* New York needs more in-between stores. The Ralphs, Albertson’s and Safeways.

First world problems is right.