I cannot explain why I get so excited about snow. Maybe I don’t actually love the snow as much as I love what it defines for me. Snow means I get to be comfortable with how I really am, which is pretty much a homebody. Snow gives me that wonderful excuse to stay indoors, cooking for people I love and drinking drinks that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

When I do have to go out, I’ll tell you this: 90% of the time, I truly do NOT want to. There is so much that goes into these events and so much mental “hyping” I have to do, knowing that I will probably be talking to people that will make me death grip John’s hand each time they say something silly or name-droppy. Or when John tries to introduce me to somebody and they stick out their hand toward my direction as they continue to look into his eyes and ramble. It happens all. night. So would I rather be at home, cooking? Every time.

Not to say it isn’t a fun life. It is. It really is. You do meet some amazing people. But holy cow, there is so much bullshit to sift through. So maybe I overcompensate sometimes by trying to dumb it down a little and make fun of it all. I hope it doesn’t come off as uppity, but I need to keep myself sane.

Anyhow, as usual, where the hell is this going? How on earth will I transition this into me posting about those warm apple-dumplings with pumpkin pie ice cream I was talking about, weeks ago? Well I am certainly not the segue master, so here goes….

Make this. It’s delicious, and it probably took me 8 minutes to prep. This is what I brought (along with cinnamon blondies and other goodies) to my girlfriend’s pumpkin carving party. As we know, with it also being football Sunday, I was in cooking hell that day. It was so nice to make something completely delicious and so, so easy. It was definitely the highlight of all the things I made that day…




…I call this the “I took on too fucking much” face.

but it was worth it…


If you don’t eat this warm and paired with ice cream, you’re a terrorist. And fair warning: This is not my typical Whole-Foodsy type recipe. You’re gonna need a regular grocery store for this one. Mountain Dew and pop ‘n fresh, anyone?

Enjoy :) Recipe here, from one of my most favorite women in the world:

And the cinnamon blondies recipe: