Do you guys ever send back food?

As I sit here in the Gainesville Airport (I’m sure you are reading my tweets, since that’s the only way anyone would know about this genius blog), I am 1, EXTREMELY BORED, and 2, thinking about a terrible meal I had the other day at a place called Chom-Chom on 56th between 5th and 6th Ave.

I literally just ordered some chicken strips at this airport that were infinitely better than anything I ordered there. I kept ordering things too, like a fool who couldn’t really believe that in this completely competitive business, with restaurants shutting down all over the city daily, this new york restaurant, that wasn’t some sort of carry-out/delivery joint, could care SO LITTLE about their food.

First, I had some shitty tuna sashimi salad. A SALAD. Fucking up a salad just…boggles my mind. Watery, old veggies, watery and flavorless dressing, and served to me with such confidence that it made me even angrier. So naturally I ordered more. (Dumbass)


Ok I know it’s just a shitty iphone picture, but can you guys even tell what is this is?? Grilled spicy shrimp? More like grilled lice-y gimps. I don’t even know what that means but whatever, you get my point.

Who serves crap like this with a smile on their face? By the time I even pried any kind of meat out of the shells, they were already shredded to bits with patches of glassy peels. And what was spicy about these? There was no hint of any kind of spicy sauce, and they were dry as a bone.

AND THEN I ORDERED AGAIN. Grilled spicy chicken and veggies. Chicken = frozen inside. Veggies with no seasoning at all.

Anyhow, going off on this restaurant isn’t the point of this post, although I do hope you never go, hehe, but to say: I can’t believe a food lover such as myself has NEVER sent anything back.

I know…I’m so outspoken on twitter, right? But there is some weird part of me that just feels terrible sending something back at a restaurant, whether it’s a glass of wine that is clearly sour, or a disgusting meal like the one above. Want to know something extra disturbing? I will even ask for it to-go so I don’t have to deal with the waiter saying “Oh, did you not like it?”…then I throw it away outside.


Even when I DO love a meal, I will give whatever is left on my plate from it (I get full pretty quickly) to John because I don’t want the half-eaten plate to get back to the chef and have him think that I didn’t like it or think I have poor taste in food or something.

I’d like to know why I do this. Clearly I am doing a disservice to the restaurant by NOT saying anything. Maybe it’s the fact it is my worst nightmare to ever be personally told that my food was inedible. I would cry. And I’m being serious.

What about you, do you guys return food? Or do you feel icky about it like me?