Pretty much in love with this place, to the point that it actually pains me that it is so close to my apartment.

Their brunch pizzas (basically an excuse to eat pizza, early) are ooey gooey and skeetworthy with sunny side eggs atop their crispy little crusts. A pizza with bacon, sausage and egg?? klfjgkfjdglkfdjgldsfjg. Why must they spoil us so?

Also, how great is egg yolk, on really anything? I love when I order a salad and I get a little poached egg on top. I don’t know what it is, but something about the egg yolk just brings everything together so perfectly. I’d try it on top of ice cream if it were socially acceptable.

Love the atmosphere and cute decor of Pulino’s. Don’t attempt to take the (full) bottles of alcohol that your table will be surrounded by. Trust me, they’re glued.

Great drinks too. Go! The menu isn’t boring and they have magazines if your hungry ass wants to dine alone. Annnnd they deliver now. Actually the only bad part would be the outdoor seating. Asshole drivers can’t seem to grasp the concept of turning on a green arrow, causing insane amounts of honking as you dine. Also….it’s just an icky corner kinda….oh well. Can’t have everything.


Psst, I also recommend the blueberry pancakes, baked and served cast iron skillet. I am OBSESSED with anything that is served in the same dish it was cooked in.


282 Bowery (corner of Bowery and Houston)
New York, NY 10012-3674
(212) 226-1966