Pork Chops with Garlic and Wine.

If I could alter the title of this recipe, it would be, “Kinda Ugly When Plated Pork Chops with SO FREAKING MUCH GARLIC and Some Wine But It Is AWESOME”.

I don’t have much to say about this meal. It was easy enough, although I do like to juggle a million different things at once by making a ton of other side dishes that allll call for your one oven at different temperatures. I enjoy driving myself crazy, apparently. It IS an easy recipe, as long as you don’t have too much else going on.

It was good. I’m always a bit scared of pork chops because they always tend to taste a little watery to me, no matter where I get ‘em from. But I think I used about 25 cloves of garlic in this (I’m a beast) and seasoned like a madman, in fear. And it was perfect. As I said in the post below, I paired it with that apple / pecan / blue cheese salad and the brussels (I’ll never get over that extra ‘s’) sprouts. It was the PERFECT MEAL. The perfect blend of flavors and just plain pretty. That salad is so, so pretty.

I’ll divide this up into 3 posts, this being the first….here are my pictures from the pork chops!







Yikes, see….that’s an ugly photo. I promise it’s delicious : )

Pioneer Woman’s Garlic and Wine Pork Chops HERE!

Let me know how it goes! xx