pork. belly. ssam. night.

Yes, that is Jersey Shore on the TV, don’t judge us.

Have you noticed that I completely type like I speak? As in, basic incoherent rambling with never ending run-on sentences. When I do. the. thing. where. i write. like. this., I am basically trying to get an important point across. And if I were actually saying that sentence out loud, I would be staring at you with a completely straight, creepy face, saying “pork. belly. ssam. night.”. You would think there was about to be a punch or something, but it’s really just me expressing my passion. Frightening, I know. I have problems.

My point here? That pork belly is a gift from the gods.

Want to share some photos from dinner but I’m warning you now…I will not be posting the recipe. Because I’m basically flat out BEGGING you to buy David Chang’s Momofuku cookbook. It, without a doubt, has some tedious recipes in it, but good god it is WORTH IT. Nothing in the book is impossible, but if you’re like me, you’ll find chaos in the fact a recipe will call for “pickled mustard seeds” then you have to turn to page 70 for that recipe then that recipe might call for something you need from ANOTHER page but IT IS WORTH IT! Especially if you want to be soooo proud of yourself for creating a meal for friends or family that they have truly never ever had or even thought about having. It’s….just awesome.

I eat at Momofuku regularly. I am a regular ol’ paying customer, so don’t think I’m getting some sorta deal outta this. I tweet David Chang for help when I need it (sometimes often) and I just find everything he touches to be gold, from each nyc restaurant he has to this very cookbook.

I made Pork Belly Ssam, lettuce wraps, with David’s signature mustard seed sauce with picked cucumbers, mayo and hot mustard (and more), and I cannot imagine a better pairing for the pork belly. The flavors, together, are….remarkable. I have no other word.

Also made his roasted cauliflower with fish sauce vinaigrette. I was able to consume 2 or 3 pieces because john annihilated it.






Please make it. I’m sure the recipes are online but I always feel weird posting something that I personally got from a cookbook , online. It will pretty much blow your mind. Orrrrr I suppose you can go to Momofuku Ssam Bar in nyc (207 2nd Avenue) and do it the lazy way! Lazy can be delicious but will you be proud of yourself and have the honor of doing a sink and a half of oily dishes? NO you certainly will not!

Also, these recipes were Puddy and Pippa approved: