Where is the little monster, you ask?

Well, I left her in Vegas. I wish I could say drunkenly, after a night of heavy gambling. Or that I put her up as my bet on the blackjack tables. But no. it’s a more simple reason: my sister lives there and she has an awesome place with 2 enormous great danes (redundant?) and she is the only reason that Puddy as good of a boy as he is today.

John and I have a busy September, with a nice vacation towards the end. So Pippa is away for the entire month. I swear I still hear her squeaks all throughout the house. And puddy has been on the road with John the entire summer. It took a month before I stopped hearing snorts and farts and realized he just wasn’t home anymore. And I miss puddy’s presence, too. BAD-DUM-BUM! HIYO!

Anyhow. That’s the story. Wish it was more exciting.