Here’s another traumatizing experience for you…Whereas the last one came in the form of toffee, I have another one I can’t help but think about every time I think of peaches…

I picked up a peach from Albertsons when I was about 15 or or so, and as I walked through the store, I, for some reason, rubbed it against my cheek. It was so soft and velvety and I was apparently on ecstasy or something…I mean, who else would do that? Anyhow I went home and saw that my cheeks had about 500 tinnnnny little red bumps and a little piece of peach fuzz was sticking out of each bump. Turns out those little hairs are so fine that they can actually be sharp on something as delicate as, I dunno, YOUR FACE.

So yeah. I’m pretty positive you don’t need to be told this in the first place but….don’t rub peaches on your face.

With that, here’s some peachy recipes from yumsugar  ….. but I also stumbled across these peach wontons on foodgawker, and they look absolutely freaking delicious. It’s sunday….don’t they just seem like a tasty little sunday treat? I’m not home, but you can trust that I’ll be making them this week, along with sea salt chocolate chip cookies (you’ll hear more about those later!)

If this picture doesn’t make your peach juicy, then I dunno what will:


(photo from Amy at…more delicious photos and recipe here!: