Peach and Whiskey Chicken

How good was this, you ask?


Well…it made John do this face…


Is that good? You know what? The more I look at it, the more I’m not so sure. This is what we like to call sleep-eating.

Jetlag is STILL busting my balls. For me, it usually starts a week after coming home. And it’s the same evvvvvery time. I get home and say “MAN! I am feelin’ gooooooOOOOd!” Then the following week I am watching brutal murders and solving crimes at 3am on Investigation Discovery. “Who the [bleep] Did I Marry?” has to be one of my favorites. It’s the same EVERY. time. “I had wished and prayed I would finna man and den bam he just came into mah life and i was like whoa i’ms gonna murry him!” Then the narrator says, “Linda and Roger were married a few weeks after meeting. She had no idea that the second they married, he would becoming controlling and cold…”. Oh you mean in the 3 fucking weeks you dated you had no idea he could be a totally different person from the sweetheart that shared his riblets at Applebees with you?? What a surprise!!

Anyhow, the point is, I had every plan in the world to create a normal dinner for John and I last Saturday night. But we found ourselves “resting our eyes” at 3pm, then waking up at 11pm.

Now, this dish takes 2 hours. IT’S WORTH IT, trust me. And an hour and a half of that is baking time. But since we woke up feeling fresh as a daisy, why not enjoy our night awake with a delicious meal rather than…I dunno….watch a show that matches sweatshirt fibers and semen.

Pictures? Pictures:


chicken thighs and drums getting a little sear action in some butter and oil…thank you kris, for the apron!


thank god this I knew this was raw inside. dish woulda been consumed from smell alone.


Adding some (a lot) of Jack Daniels to the onions…even IIII knew this was a lot of whiskey, and my body is made of alcohol.


recipe says to add your favorite BBQ sauce, ours is definitely Slick’s — get it here!


chicken back into the cast-iron dish and into the oven!

As that bakes, time for the veggies…


Roasted carrots, sliced horizontally and coated in olive oil, thyme and salt and pepper. Simple and THEEEE best, here.

Then, the sad part. There’s always a sad part with me…


Oh my! Look at all this delicious spinach! I sure can’t wait to sauté some spinach in some garlicy goodness!


Oh cool! I wish I had more tiny babies laying around the house with tiny spoons so I could feed them this tiny puddle of delicious spinach!

Sauteed it with some random cabbage from my fridge and added my ugly, yet delicious, carrots. I would give you the sautéed spinach and cabbage recipe but I’m trying to maintain SOME aura of quality food here so…no way. It wasn’t even up to sodelushious standards. I have standards! Can you believe it?


Back to the chicken…


ain’t it purdy!


screen-shot-2012-01-09-at-4-06-15-pmaaaah. I love it when the chicken and the bone break up. hopefully they still remain good friends, for the sake of the spinach. Whose fault it was.


Need I say more? This is good. GREAT. I’m not kidding. It was so good that we ate it at 1am, and then I made it again later for football Sunday. It was attacked sooner than I could get a piece.

Recipe, of course, by the pioneer woman herself. Now giddy up!


(NOTE: I don’t know why I have to say this, but this is not the whole recipe. I didn’t take pics of me pouring the peach preserves in, no. Look at the link. Look. At the link. Thank you and enjoy!)