Ohhhh my.

FACT: John Legend LOVES anything chocolate and peanut buttery. It’s his favorite. But really, who doesn’t love that combo? One of my favorite things to make for him (although it’s been a while) are these little peanut butter cookie dough balls, which is just getting a mini muffin tin, making a ball out of Pillsbury peanut butter dough just big enough to fit into each er, slot?…and pushing frozen “fun size****” reese’s cup right into the middle of the dough until the dough forces it’s way near the top. Bake according to whatever dough you used, and you have this ooey-gooey warm flow of peanut butter and chocolate filling your entire mouth. It’s heaven.

And now I have stumbled across this beautiful nutter butter-esque gem…

It has peanut butter AND nutella in it. That’s all I need to say. Why are you still reading. Go to the store!!! Make this and eat it for me and describe every detail. I live for that kind of talk on this god-forsaken low-carb CRAP jsfjdsglsdjgljggj

Also if you could rub it all over your body, that would be great too. Just do whatever you think I’d do if I had these in my presence.

Thank you to Rachel for the recipe! Recipe here: http://www.withloverachel.com/2011/06/my-kind-of-nutter-butter-dessert.html and be sure to check out the rest of her delicious looking site.

****can we stop calling too-tiny bars of candy “fun size” please? what would be fun is one the size of a small child. 

Update! I think people are curious about those balls I just rambled on about….here’s the actual recipe! Bon appetit, bitches! (someone told me to sign off that way, I like it)