Oh oh oh. Scalloped Potatoes!

Will try and refrain from talking about the….incident….that happened halfway through this. Just note the change from “no hospital bracelet” to “hospital bracelet” .

Both my mom and sister sent me their recipes for this. I made my mom’s, just because I know how to hand adjust the proportions to what I personally like, but my sister did a better job of writing it all out. Plus she uses a stick more of butter. Winner!

And I know you all are gonna say, “what if I add cheese?” — to which I say, SURE. Add cheese. You know me. I would prefer if everything in the world was wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with cheese. But this is one of my most favorite dishes in the world (see “interesting day” post) and I really, REALLY would urge you to bake it this way first, then taste and add cheese at the end if you just must have cheese. The fact that this can be so satisfying and delicious to me without having cheese should tell you something…it’s awesome.

Here is what my sister wrote, with a couple of my little changes from my mom’s recipe:

Scalloped Potatoes (with bacon and ham)

5 large potatoes
1 lb pack Thick cut bacon
1/2 lb Ham steak
1/2 c Flour
2 sticks Butter
1 lg Onion
1 pint Half and half

Salt/Pepper/Lawry’s/Garlic powder

Peel and slice potatoes, rinse and drain and layer about 1/4 of potatoes in a large casserole dish. Cube the ham into 1/2 inch cubes and sprinkle on top of potato layer. Repeat alternating potatoes and ham. Dot pieces of one stick butter on top of butter. On top, lay 4/5 slices of bacon.

For the sauce/roux:

Fry 5 slices of bacon in a sauté pan in a touch of hot oil. Remove cooked bacon and add diced onion, sautéing until lightly brown. Transfer bacon grease to a large saucepan. Add remaining stick of butter and sautéed diced onion. Add half of the flour, stirring into a thick paste.  Add half of the half and half and whisk out all the lumps. Add rest of flour, sprinkling lightly to avoid lumps and add rest of half and half. Allow sauce to thicken, stirring constantly. Should be the consistency of really thick gravy. Add milk and stir constantly; enough milk to lighten sauce a bit, approx 4 c. Add salt and pepper to taste. I usually end up adding many dashes of lawry’s, one small dash of galic powder, and salt and pepper in the end to this gravy. If the gravy you pour over your unbaked scalloped potatoes isn’t flavorful, your entire dish won’t be. So make sure to keep tasting this gravy at every “dash” of something. Should taste like oniony, garlicy, salty, bacony deliciousness without being completely salty overwhelming.

Pour over potatoes and bake covered at 350 degrees for about 90 min, then uncover and broil the top for 5 minutes or so, til brown.


adding bacon grease to the stick of butter. oh baby. (sautéed the onions in bacon grease after this, forgot. Blame the hennessy in the background)


adding flour to the oil / butter mixture


terribly blurry and disgusting photo of the finished gravy. Once again, blame the hennessy.


oh my how did that get in here?


lalala…back to work. do do doooo.


oh did I mention I also made my chipotle chicken with my severed thumb? because I did.


it was good. the key is to get your guests so drunk that they don’t even mind that there may or may not be blood in it.


poke-test for softness! that’s what she said.


mmm. wish I had my camera but this’ll do for now.

Remember to try and get some thickly sliced ham at the deli counter and cube it yourself. A lot more flavorful to get good ham. And by flavorful I just mean salty. Nomnomnom.