new grill!

Aaaaah well it looks like I’ve finally gotten around to using that grill I posted about a while back. And boy, it is amazing…

I keep the left side on very low heat and move my finished short-ribs over to the side. The other side stays piping hot and my kitchen fills with the lovely smell of brown sugar and toasted sesame oil.

You can find the recipe from one of my earlier posts here:

…and don’t forget to munch alllll those little bones clean. It’s probably my favorite part. I also put a few leftover slices into a ziplock bag but they never made it through the night — didn’t even want to heat them back up. I have problems.


And yep, I am still doing best-by-date veggie fridge cleanout, hence the boring stir-fried veggies on every meal. I’ll have some different sides to make tonight on my PEACH CHIPOTLE GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTS. Oh baby.


Also, if you haven’t had mochi, you….I dunno….you’re probably a demon…orrrr you just haven’t run into mochi balls yet. My point is, try mochi — ice cream wrapped in a sweet dough.  I can never get just one box so here I have green tea, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and coffee. kjdzgklsjdgldksgdskgjlkgjd hungry again.