My camera…

I have NO idea why, but soooo many of you have asked me about which camera I use to take these blog photos. I am terribly insecure about the photos, because I truly believe I have no artistic eye whatsoever, so I am kinda thrilled you are even asking.

It’s a Canon PowerShot G11, and it. is. the best.

I’ve had a lot of cameras, I usually get 1 or 2 a year. It’s gross. Sometimes I want a big one with an awesome lens, sometimes I miss the tiny ones that can slide in your pocket. Then I want the big one again and realize there are 20 better versions of it since mine came out.

I noticed that everyone I was around had this camera…people at casting agencies, professional photographers that chose it as their personal camera, friends that went on crazy adventurous travel excursions, and people that rarely leave the house during the day and who solely use it when going out .

I love it because it’s a real camera, not a tiny little digital slide-in-your-pocket thing, and yet it fits in most of my clutches (and isn’t even something I notice in my absurdly large purses) so I can easily whip it out at any restaurant and not look like a cuckoo weirdo with a large lens camera. I’m surprised John’s not embarrassed more….every time a dish comes out, I make the poor guy pause and have to stare at it for a few minutes while I try to get the perfect shot, while everyone watches. I think I’m embarrassed enough for the both of us, though.

Anyhow. That’s my camera. Sounds like I’m getting paid but I’m not, ok!? You asked! And also…it’s not cheap. But for me, in the long run, it is. Because I’m not getting a new one in a longggg time.