O man! I swear I am trying to touch up the photos for a totally different post but am seeing soooo many great things in my albums that I’ve been eating lately. That I took photos of. Because I am a dork.

This photo is from the 2nd order I placed for this same exact burger the next day. I opened up the first one and ate it before I could get my camera. I have problems.

I guess I haven’t really had time to cook lately so I’ve been eating out (or calling in) some yummy shit.

My friend Melissa texted me the other day and said, “Wherrrrre can I order, for delivery, a delicious burger that is, you know, organic and nice but not fancy restaurant style?”


Melissa is awesome because we are the same about food. We love delicious things, of course, but want to feel good about what we eat. Hence my low-carb crap, it just makes me feeeeeel better. I wake up hungry rather than weighed down by last night’s pasta. It’s nice. Although of course I do go crazy for one meal once a week just to stay sane. Usually on lasagna verdi day at Frank NYC (2nd Ave and 5th street). Anyhow, I frequently get messages from her asking if there is any kind of equally satisfying, low-carb version of a dish that is completely carby like scalloped potatoes or something. It makes me so happy. We are the same.

Her asking for that burger was basically like a commercial for me. I am an advertiser’s DREAM. As in, if I see a commercial with something alluring on it, I MUST HAVE IT THAT DAY. Even knowing those “flame-broiled burgers” are raw on the inside and cooked with a torch and spray painted with grill marks and the sesame seeds are placed atop the hand-painted bun with tiny tweezers for the commercial, I still must have it. That stupid sticky roller that picks up every piece of pet hair (or pennies apparently, if you just have tons of pennies on your floor at all times) — I must have it. Oxy Clean? Have a plastic tub full of it already. I want more. The only thing I don’t want right now is a subscription to Education Connection, a catheter, or an attorney for ruined vaginal mesh. Seriously what the fuck? Why does it need a commercial? Do people need to be reminded that their vaginal mesh is ruined and they might need a lawyer for it? Is it something that isn’t constantly on their mind and they just need a gentle prodding to do something about it? More importantly, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT. Please don’t answer.*

Anyhow. She found a burger. She described it to me using words that were pretty much dirty-talk to me.

I had the burger. I saw heaven.

Lettuce-wrapped, which is highly underrated. With the perfect lettuce, good ol’ fashioned iceberg and perfectly cooked, juicy meat, you will not miss the bun. I promise.

Order it with chipotle mayo and thank me later. Also seems insanely easy to replicate the entire burger. Just lettuce, tomato, onion, and a turkey patty. Mix your mayo with sriracha hot sauce.

I ate this 3 times in 4 days. It’s that good. Now I’m starving.

Lucky’s Famous Burgers

147 East Houston Street  New York, NY 10002

(212) 254-4900

* No offense if something is wrong with your vaginal mesh. All comments on my blog are based on pure confusion and / or my own opinion.