My love for catfish lately is no secret. I freaking LOVE what you can do to this fish. I am in love with the feeling I have after enjoying a piece. It’s nice to make hearty, ridiculously flavorful cheesy bacon dishes, trust me, but there is no feeling like eating something completely delicious and yet also pretty darn good for you. Better than most the crap I make, anyhow.

I used to hate fish. I’m still not a fan. When the specials are announced at a restaurant, my eyes never get wide when the server talks about the today’s fresh fish. I don’t care. Fish is lame and to only be eaten by people on serious diets. In my silly mind, at least.

But not this fish. Combine that tastiness with the ease of making it, and I swear you’ll be obsessed, too.

My favorite way to easily and quickly do up a filet of catfish is here:

But lately I’ve been on a kick with all sorts of store-bought rubs. It kind of drives me crazy on twitter when I literally post the entire recipe in 140 characters and have 100 people coming back to me to say “WHAT’S IN THE RUB?? RECIPE PLEASE!!” Stop over thinking! Don’t complicate it. You can literally go into any store and buy some cajun seasoning or lemon herb seasoning. Maybe people just think I’m fancier than I am? Trust me, sometimes I am just not in the mood to make a big production out of things. Especially breakfast when I am STARVING. And it has been brought to my attention that MANY of you have never had catfish and eggs. What!! Holy moly it is GOOD! Plus I usually end up eating breakfast around 11am so it’s a nice lunchy breakfast.



Got a couple of catfish filets (no bones!) from the seafood counter. Sometimes I see the ones that already have the seasoning on em, but I’ve learned now to just literally turn around while they are pricing the fish and bam, cheap seasoning all over the place. It’s hilarious how much more they charge to sell it pre-seasoned, when you can buy a enough an arm lengths away to season about 20 filets on your own. Whole Foods! WHY I OUGHTA! This is my favorite seasonings right now but I have endless amounts in shakers in my cabinet….lemon and garlic tonight.


Anyhoo, it’s so easy that I even feel dumb saying it but…. lay out your seasoned filet (I season it til it don’t stick no mo) on a lightly greased piece of foil atop a cookie sheet….yes I am a heavy-handed seasoner…


Bake for 10-12 minutes at 450 degrees. It might loooook not cooked but it is. I just lovvvve a juicy catfish filet oh baby.


Heat up a bit of oil in a non-stick pan jusssst above medium heat. Gently crack and egg and don’t touch! Everytime I get the urge to touch a sunny-side up egg, I spaz out and ruin it. I am incapable of being gentle, but if you’re better at it, try to keep the whites in a neat circle, dammit.

It’s funny actually. I can cook a lot of things, but over-easy and sunny side up eggs give me the MOST trouble. IT’S AN EGG.

Anyhoo, lay the egg on your catfish, season with salt and pepper and make sure to break that yolk until your catfish is swimmin in it. Ideally there would be two eggs here but I only got one to look purdy. Sigh.


Too yummy of a photo to not repost :) A wonderful little 12 minute meal to give you energy for the day.