In Vegas! Time to start the official Vegas leg of Sports Illustrated Swim launch week! Currently sitting up in bed, waiting to shower. Waiting because I had a spray tan right after we landed. A THREE AM SPRAY TAN! You’re supposed to wait 8 hours before showering so here I am, festering in my own stink.

I always talk about something disgusting before something delicious. Or after. What is wrong with me.

Look! Ribs. Sweet, sweet ribs.


Was going through photos and came across this one that immediately made me hungry again. The post-Grammy food fest we had at wonderful “Jar” in LA.

Meat lovers paradise.

Working on a new post with 3 new, crazy-delicious recipes but also wanted to tell you: GO TO JAR. And get the lychee martini. But be warned. It sneaks up on you. Well I guess I can’t really say it sneaks up on you when you have 4.


8225 Beverly Blvd

LA, CA, 90048

(323) 655-6566