le sigh.

Vacation is over. After 2 hours of unpacking, I now find myself in bed with my farty, snoring bulldog. The closet is back to fully organized…everything back on the bathroom shelves (labels out, of course), and the hair extensions have been brushed, washed, and hung to dry. By the way, I tweeted something about me having a “weave” in for the amFAR event and people went kinda nutzo. “You wear a WEAVE??” “Women are so fake now!” “Why would you have to wear extensions that is gross”. One, why so concerned? Two, it’s just an accessory to make my hair a little thicker at the ends. My shit’s long already. That’s what she said. I have a hairstylist pop em in (or in Italy’s case, GLUE them in, which I hate), and in 20 minutes, you have super fabulous, thick, wavy hair. And if you MUST know, that blue dress I wore…this one…

…was SO tight at the bust that the lovely stylists at dSquared and I decided it would be a great way to cover what would surely be an unsightly patch of boob fat in my armpit area. It worked right? See! So if that’s not a good enough reason to add a little extra hair, then I dunno what is.

But whatever. HEY this isn’t a hair blog dammit why am I so random, let’s get to the good stuff. I will be posting photos of allll our Italian meals a couple times a day all week. Get excited….key words include pig’s lard ravioli, blueberry soufflé, white truffle, baked mozzarella wrapped in parma ham, ohhhhhhhh you will see.


Aaaah vacations. I get VERY noticeably upset the last night of a vacation. Not just sad. Completely and utterly upset. Cranky. Snappy. Your basic bitch, really. In the past 5 years, John has come to understand that this is more just general frustration with knowing that it is time to get back to figuring out what to do with myself. I’ve definitely hit that quarter-life crisis and this vacation had me cringing, just knowing that I really need to get my butt in gear now and figure out a life past modeling. It’s a “glamorous problem” to some, sure. I have been really lucky. But I also skipped college, as most models do since it’s their prime, and there is just such a short window for steady, great work.

So….I am going to go to culinary school. I will be that girl with all the kids who are straight outta high school, the one that is clearly out of place because she barely knows how to write with a pen anymore, it’s been so long. But I’m really excited. Completely confused and nervous, but excited.

That little journey should spice this blog up a bit :)

But until then, here’s to amateur cooking and professional eating!