Last Night…

I have a new favorite Thai place near my house … thank God! My old favorite, “Montien”, on 3rd Ave, closed down randomly for “construction”, never to wake up and serve me ever again. I still dunno what happened but I am quite saddened by it. Thai food delivers amazingly well in general, but this place had it down to a science. Still-crispy duck egg rolls and piping hot chicken Pad-See-Ew (broad noodles with a sweet gravy and chinese broccoli)….my favorite.

But that evil bitch has left me high and dry, searching for a new favorite. And I’ve found it, thanks to my friend Darcie who took me here last week:

Loved it so much I ordered it the next day, then took John last night. Tai Thai is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall type place, but they do have cheap wine (bring your own unless you like sour), old Thai movie posters hanging up, and the usage of very pizza hut-esque cups.

I don’t know who Tai is, or is this is just their idea of a cute name, but jesus I’m going to pretend Tai is the one that made everything taste just like mom makes…that’s assuming your mom is Thai and from the village like my mom.

Ordered a few of my standard favorites, the dishes I use to test out a new Thai place. Papaya salad (if they fuck Papaya Salad up there is usually no hope for the rest), a garlic steamed fish with veggies, “Eggplant Supreme” (what is this, taco bell? Thai names please), and chicken green curry.

The papaya salad, ordered “thai spicy” which is very different from YOU-PEOPLE spicy. Jk. I don’t even know what that means but I’m assuming when one asks for Thai Spicy, it’s hotter than regular ol’ American spicy. Anyhow yum:


It was perfect. Better than perfect. Made me forget all about Montien and how they so coldly deserted my family and I.

Fish (Pla Kratium) — whole fish with crispy garlic and garlic sauce with steamed veggies. AMAZING…..


Ahhh I can still taste the garlic. No really. I can seriously still taste the garlic. I should brush my teeth someday.

Would share more photos but I kinda suck at taking photos. I love when models turn into photographers and they say shit like, “Ohhhh you know, I’ve just been in front of the camera so long that I have an eye for this stuff…”. Really? Because I have too, and I suck.

Also, our bill, with wine and 4 dishes was around 40 bucks. This is your chance to be like me, ladies, and say “oh no baby, I got this one”. Just don’t let them see the bill.

Anyhoo….try “Tai Thai” — 78 E 1st. Street. 1st Ave/1st Street.

*note: Lotus of Siam is still the best in the city, a bit nicer, but they don’t deliver. Great for group dinners and I recommend the stuffed chicken wings, the pad-see-ew, and tuna appetizer, but EVERYTHING is great, really, especially nice if you have vegetarian friends. And get the drink with the word “bee” in it. I forget the full name but just go with it…