Not many things better in this world than a hot, bubbling lasagna.

So why did it take me SO long to make one? Basically the idea only came to me because of the fabulous writings (and doings!) of Kris from . She came up with a delicious looking recipe for crock pot lasagna that immediately put me in the mood for something I haven’t even thought about in months. Really. But not an hour would go by yesterday without me dreaming of lasagna. And the hours…oh they went by. So quickly, in fact, that I didn’t even have the 6-8 hours to make the damn thing, unless I wanted it for breakfast…which upon second thought, I am definitely not above.

Anyhow, I still found myself thinking about this effing lasagna. Like a zombie but instead of brains, my body. Needed. Lasagna.

Who do I turn to in such a weak moment!? Paula freaking Deen, of course. By the way, how amazing is it that she has created such a name for herself that when you need a recipe, you literally turn to her for help? You know that anything Paula puts her buttery hands on is going to be hearty and delicious.

I found her recipe to be…just perfect. I didddd add some eggplant and red bell peppers for no real reason besides the fact I had eggplant and red bell peppers already in my fridge. And ummm, I don’t mean to brag but my friends and John diddddd comment about how delicious the bell peppers were before even knowing they weren’t a part of the original recipe. Not saying I’m a genius and the first person to add bell peppers but…ahem. Do it.

The recipe is too easy for my smart ass captions, even. So here are some photos. And can I just tell you how AMAZED I am with “no-boil” lasagna noodles?? NO idea this existed. I thought I’d have to search long and hard but I saw them both at Whole Foods and my little corner store. You literally just lay the hard sheets into the sauce and layer and bake and you have your own freaking lasagna. I’d just recommend that you constantly taste the meat as it simmers on the stove. One, because you are going to go crazy with hunger once the aroma fills your house, but two, it’s important that this is crazzzzzy flavorful. Add a few more little dashes of whatever you find necessary from the recipe, and taste taste taste. Oh also, I did end up spooning some of the red sauce out of the saucepan (and into my mouth / the sink) before layering it into my lasagna. It just seemed a bit too saucy for me, and I think it ended up being the right thing to do :) Oh and ah…one more thing: I found spicy italian sausage and hot chorizo at Whole Foods and decided it haddddd to be a part of this recipe. So I bought the sausage (the recipe calls for Italian sausage), squeezed it out of the casings and into my saucepan with the rest of the ground chuck. It was one of the most disgusting things to witness ever, me squeezing sausage out of condomesque casings, but oooo baby it was good. Hard to go wrong here!

It ain’t pretty, but boy was it tasty.







And as you can see by that top photo, I couldnt even wait for this sucker to cool before I slapped it on a plate.

Paula Deen’s “Lot’s o Meat” lasagna: