Ladies and Gentleman…a guest blogger!

Obama scene. Could you imagine if this is what it looked like, every time you went somewhere for 4 – 8 years? Good god.

John just walked in the door from yesterday’s rodeo, so of course the first thing I made him do was write this blog for you fine people! I drank, sure. I definitely wasn’t obnoxious-person wasted (thank GOD, this was a fancy little shindig) but I must admit, I am having a little trouble remembering what happened. So here’ssssssss Johnny!:

So we attended the fundraiser for President Obama at the Upper East Side penthouse of an HBO exec and a renowned interior decorator who happens to be in charge of redecorating the White House.

Lots of media, fashion and entertainment types attended.  If you wanted to make a movie or get a record deal or make a TV series, this was your party.  The CEO of Sony, the head of HBO, the former head of MTV, the head of Warner Music, some big fashion designers, etc.  You get the picture.  Chrissy and I were easily the youngest people there and probably the poorest.  Everyone else lived in the Upper East (or Upper West) Side and we were pretty much the only downtowners. Aren’t we so hip…

Anyway, we all schmoozed until the guest of honor arrived.  We were given color coded wrist bands at the beginning of the event.  We didn’t know what they were for, and Chrissy eventually decided to rip hers off because it was messing up her outfit.  Then we found out the wrist bands actually meant something inside the event.  They determined your pecking order when it came to meeting the President.  The colors were black, hot pink, fluorescent orange and electric blue.  We were orange so we had to wait in line for a little while.

But I did get a shout out in the President’s speech.  He said he wouldn’t try to sing since I was there.  And I yelled out, “Don’t steal my job!”

After his speech, we lined up to speak to him.  Chrissy was practicing what she would say.  She had a joke about how she was on the fence between supporting him and supporting Santorum.  She was going to settle her dilemma by having them both guess her weight and whomever was closest won.  But she figured that joke would take too long.

When we finally spoke to him, I gave him a bro-hug then said, “You remember Chrissy, right?  I don’t know if you heard, but we’re engaged now.”  He congratulated us then Chrissy invited him to the wedding.  He asked us if we had a date yet.  And Chrissy said, “We’ll work around your schedule!”  He then gave us a noncommittal answer, of course.  He’s a pretty busy guy.  Plus he said, “If I come, It’s a little inconvenient.  Everybody’s gotta get security checked.”  He said that we had been together for quite a while now and we said, “yeah, 5 years!”  Chrissy asked him how long he took to propose to Michelle and he said 3 years.  ”I should have asked you this question in front of him 2 years ago.”, Chrissy said.

Then I complimented him on his recent displays of vocal prowess.  I told him I was pleasantly surprised how good he sang.  Good tone and pitch control.  Not bad at all!

Then Chrissy was like, “Why does Mitt try to sing too?  He sings ‘America the Beautiful’, but he doesn’t stop.  Nobody even knows the 3rd verse! Why does he keep going?”  The President was just cracking up.  I said, it’s just a glitch in Mitt’s programming.  In my robot voice I said, “Mitt loves ‘sport’.”  Then Chrissy asked, “Seriously though, do you think it is even slightly possible that Mitt is a robot?  Have you ever considered that it just might be true??”  And the President just kept laughing.  And that was that.

Chrissy was really happy she asked him fun questions since she figured no one else would.  Even though we’ve spent time with him a few times before, it really is cool to speak to the President.  You can see why all these important people are still a bit starstruck.

After we spoke to the President, it was time to go. The main elevator wasn’t available, and there was a long line for the service elevator, so we just took the stairs from the penthouse.  It was 15 flights, but it’s not bad when you’re going down.  Chrissy took her heels off and we went down.

After that we went to Blue Ribbon Sushi, and Chrissy kept telling me, “I’m drunk.  You have to remember all this so I can blog it!”  I was sober because I had to sing the next day at the Houston Rodeo, so here I am remembering it all for you.  You’re welcome!

Guest blogger,

John Legend

And there you have it. Nothing too exciting actually, after the fact. You know those stories that you are so excited to share then you are only met with blank faces and you have to pull one of those “well ya had to be there” things? This is that.

Oh well. We have a strange, awesome life and I enjoy sharing it with you guys :)

PS: Also found this photo from that night….

Just made a mental note to start taking more pictures of John or with John. For the record, he looked very handsome that night. Of course.