jerks and bacon.

Aaah so I am in one of my most favorite cities in the US of A, Chicago.

Lollapalooza is going on so the city is abuzz with people that I’m sure would be considered annoying to anyone that actually lives in Chicago….isn’t that how it always works? Anyhow, I don’t mind it, and since we are staying downtown, it makes for one of the more fun and exciting stops on the tour.

I will admit I was more than a bit bummed that my blog was kind of infiltrated by people who linked it from outside gossip sites (i can see where pretty much everrrryone comes from). Sites that already talk shit about out me, that call me a jobless tranny, my personal favorite. I said in a post that I like to cook for John because it is something I can really do for him since I can’t be equal to him financially….and that apparently just opened the doors to Assholia. No. I don’t have millions of dollars. They’re right. They got me there. But since I already said that part, it’s like they had to find other things to just completely dig at. “typical asian that gets with a man for money”. Typical asian? Jesus! What is wrong with people!

It’s really easy to say “just forget about them who cares they are jealous”. And I know everyone is just trying to help. I guess it is just something I will personally have to get over but I also think it’s okay to vent or be a little upset over it.

I know. Wah wah wah. It just sucked that even though I try my hardest not to ever know about what they say (people will tell me or link it to me even) those people still came here to say it.

Anyhow I really don’t want to drag on the sob story anymore, because it’s not one. I love my life and I am not complaining, please don’t think that….just venting. I just thought that I could have this and share things and share recipes and whatever random adventures I might encounter. And that few days of blocking and deleting comments sucked.

I cannot express how happy I am to read all yourrrrrr comments though, you know who you are. I really get happy when people share recipes or tell funny stories. I read everything and I guess that’s why I was so bummed….because this was making me so happy, then…WAH, jerk overload.

On a happier note, BACON!


My dad emailed me what seems to be….oh I don’t know…the most AMAZING DELICIOUS HOME CURED BACON EVER. My parents live in Thailand, and from the sounds of it, they have been making this delicious slab of pork belly for months now. I think I should call and check up on them more as their arteries are slowly clogging.

If you don’t AT LEAST click this link, you are bonkers.

I will be starting mine on monday. Would LOVVVVVVE if you guys did a bit of grocery shopping / killing innocent pigs and taking their bellies this weekend so we could start together….then all eat our delicious bacon the following Monday after the 7 days of curing. Oh it would make me so happy. Bacon party!